Our guide to virtual reality for the food & beverage industry

Virtual reality is starting to become more and more prominent in society. This is no different for the food and beverage industry. For anyone who is still grasping the concept of virtual reality (because we still are!), it is defined as the use of computer modelling and stimulation that allows a person to interact with artificial 3D visuals. In this blog, we are referring to both places to eat as well as food and beverage products within the industry. If you want to give your business a competitive technological edge, then take a look at our guide to virtual reality for the Food and Beverage industry.

Bringing customer experience to life

Photo of restaurant interior
Photo by Shawnanggg

With Covid-19 having such a huge impact on businesses, especially in the Food and Beverage industry, businesses have found creative ways to bring customer experience to life. One of these ways have been virtual tours. Consumers are able to view a 360 degree virtual tour of the restaurant. This has been particularly beneficial for restaurants that hire out spaces for events. It gives the consumer a better idea of the overall atmosphere and experience before making the reservation.

restaurant decorations

mural of octopus outside building to show restaurant exterior decor
Photo by Paolo Bendandi

Dining experiences include everything from ambiance to food. Incorporating virtual reality decorations could be a great way to boost dining experiences. For example, some restaurants have virtual reality wall murals which allow consumers to scan the photo and view the mural in 3D. A great way to keep them occupied whilst they wait for their meal! If you want to include this into your marketing strategy as well, you can tell a story or promote the food suppliers. This idea would be great for social media, as people would take Instagram stories or Snapchat stories where these murals would come to life on camera.

interactive menus

photo of QR code for the restaurant menu
Photo by The Blowup

We were inspired to write this article because recently, we went to a cocktail bar that used an interactive VR menu. If I say so myself, it was extremely cool and I had seen nothing like it before! As usual, we scanned a QR code to view the menu and then 3D images of the drinks would pop up allowing us to have a 360 degree view of the drink. With the Food and Beverage industry becoming so competitive and jam-packed, its so important for restaurants to find innovative ways for their business to stand out. It’s a great marketing strategy and creates something for the public to talk about.

VR Packaging

Packaging for drinks company
Photo by Studio Blackthorn

Virtual reality packaging adds a unique selling point and originality to a product. The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product, convey information and maintain branding. However, using virtual reality packaging can do much more than that. Consumers can scan the packaging with their phone to receive cool features such as an ‘order now’ button or game as part of the company’s marketing strategy. The sky is the limit with the ideas that you can implement. By adding virtual reality packaging to your product you are creating direct interaction between the consumer and product.

interactive products

photo showing food and beverage product - boxed water
Photo by Boxed Water is Better

Using virtual reality is a great way to increase engagement and interactivity with your consumer. If you include this in your marketing strategy, you’re onto a winner. Like packaging, adding QR codes for shopping or filters can offer a unique consumer perspective. For food products in particular, you can have a virtual reality function that shows a recipe including that ingredient. This gives more space for creative branding on the product itself.

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