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Content creation is essential for any business as it helps to maintain originality and brand recognition. Content creation is usually written or visual content that appeals to your target market and is an important aspect in your marketing strategy. Whilst you may have photos and videos, it’s also good practice to go that extra mile to make it original such as putting your logo on. For larger companies, creating unique content is easy as they have the budget and personnel. However for smaller companies, they may rely on free resources to help them with their content creation. In this article, we have listed our top 10 free content creation tools. This includes everything from tools to organise and keep track of your content to design focused tools.

Get organised

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Evernote is an online platform for note taking, organising, task management and archiving. Most importantly, it can help to capture and arrange any creative ideas. The best thing about this app is that it collaborates all the workers together, so even if you’re all working remotely, you can keep on track of all the tasks. Evernote isn’t limited content creation tasks, but it can be used to manage other processes from all other departments too!


Trello is a great alternative to Evernote. Like Evernote, it incorporates all members of the team or workplace and is super easy to use. You can tag people in certain tasks and this can also trigger an email as a reminder. A super cool feature of Trello is their checklist. It allows you to create as many checklists as you want and tick them off when you’re done.

Let your creativity run free

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Canva is a great online design platform that allows you to create anything from social media posts to youtube banners. It’s any designers idea of heaven! Whilst you can pay for extra features, Canva’s free option is a great content creation tool. Visual marketing is at the top of any marketing strategy and Canva can help you ace your visual marketing! They have an extensive range of objects and animations that you can add to your design, as well as texts. In addition, their list of templates are a great option for beginners who aren’t quite familiar with the platform yet.

Vistacreate (Crello)

Having recently undergone a change in name, VistaCreate is extremely similar to Canva. Whilst possible having a better range of animations and videos, it does the same job as Canva! So you’re probably now asking which one should I use? Well, since we’re talking about free resources, we would say that Canva has a better free option. However, VistaCreate is extremely intuitive and can create some amazing visual content!


Infogram is a great platform that allows businesses to create infographics, graphs and maps. Whilst this may be more useful for visual content in plans and strategies, more business focused social media platforms or mailings will appreciate this. Infographics and graphs can be hard to create especially if they’re packed with detail, so this is a great tool to help your visual content.


Pixlr is a free photo editor, animation and design platform. Another alternative to Canva and VistaCreate. However they have more of a focus on photo editing.


Biteable is a video maker platform. According to statistics, visual content that is in a form of a video or is animated gets twice more engagement. So you’re definitely going to want to include this in your marketing strategy! Biteable has a great range of templates from event promos to short advertisement clips. It’s extremely budget friendly even if you choose to pay for features and it will definitely be worth the money!

a helping hand for written content

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Hemingway Editor

If you don’t have time to check through your grammar and spelling, Hemingway Editor is your new best friend. It also helps to correct your sentencing, for example highlighting lengthy and complex texts. It’s quick and super easy to use if you are writing blogs or copywriting for your website.


You’ve probably heard of Grammarly, but we can confirm it is as good as they say! When you’re creating content, you don’t want to have to worry about grammar. That’s why we recommend using Grammarly so that you can focus on good copy for your marketing strategy. It also saves time as you don’t have to get employees to proof read content for you!

Just a cool website that we had to share…


Sigstr helps businesses create visually pleasing and exciting email signatures and banners. Getting your visual content right will help improve your brand recognition, so make sure it looks good at every opportunity!

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