our top tips for stunning indoor wedding photography

When weather isn’t on your side, you may have to retreat indoors for your wedding photos. Whilst you may not get the natural backdrops and sunlight, wedding photography can be absolutely stunning indoors too. Our top tips for stunning indoor wedding photography will guarantee you some incredible photos.

Black and White

black and white photograph of bride in front of door to show black and white wedding photography
photo by Scott Walsh

The magic of black and white photos brings out raw emotions and highlight candid moments between the bride and groom. Black and white photos can be subjective, but they can make photos more romantic. You can either shoot in black or white or edit the photo after, both ways produce stunning results.

Experiment with silhouettes

silhouette photograph of bride and groom, with groom kissing her forehead
photo by Nathan Dumlao

Shooting silhouettes will provide variety for your wedding photos, as it steers clear from the mainstream poses. Silhouettes creates a dreamy, romantic and mysterious feel to your wedding photos. Play around with angles and close ups, etc so that you can have a wide range of photos to choose from.

Take advantage of window light

photograph of bride with natural light shining down on her
photo by Petr Ovralov

A window light can act as a spotlight by focusing in on the bride and groom, whilst the rest of the backdrop is darker. Alternatively, a great image would be the bride and groom facing the window with the light shining on their faces to create a golden hue. Whilst window lighting is very dependent on the weather and the time of the day that you shoot, it can be quite a tricky tip to accomplish.

Forget the tripod

candid photograph of bride and groom dancing inside hotel
photo by Johen Redman

Whilst tripods are great for creating high-quality images without any shakiness, wedding photos are all about capturing natural and candid moments between the bride and groom. Leaving the tripod aside, means that you as the photographer can move more freely and interact with the bride and groom to create their ideal wedding photos.

Choose venues with history and character

photograph of bride and groom in front of regal door inside a church
photo by Jonathan Borba

Opting for wedding venues with history and character will provide an extra element of depth for your wedding photos. For example, choosing a chateau will help to create a dreamy and romantic backdrop. In addition, the other advantage from these locations is that you can utilise features such as the stairs and doors as a ‘prop’ in your wedding photos.

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