Our ultimate guide for online venue marketing

According to a statistic of a venue agency, more than 60% of the buyer’s journey in 2020 was conducted online. What does it mean?: you’re going to miss more than half of your potential sales unless you promote your venues online. The development of technology such as virtual reality completely has changed customer behavior in the event venue market. Even if you don’t reach the place in person, you can still explore it with a 360 virtual tour. So here’s our question: How do you create the right digital marketing strategies for venues? To get the answer, check out our ultimate guide for online venue marketing!    

Your website is the most important ad

photo by Zyro, website on the laptop
photo by Zyro

The key to successful digital venue marketing is your website. No matter which channel you use to attract your potential clients, they will end up on your website. And if the site is not visually attractive enough and easy to use, visitors will simply leave. It doesn’t matter how compelling your offer is or how beautiful your ads on social media are. Because your website plays the most important role to increase engagement with your clients. 

Your website is the first impression your potential clients will judge you based on. Therefore, showcase the venue visually. You don’t need to explain with a long text to impress people. 

Accurate floor plans, high-quality photos and videos and virtual tours are immensely helpful tools for your online promotion for venue marketing. Remember, show, don’t tell. 

Search engine optimization

photo by Myriam Jessier, a person with a laptop on the SEO page
photo by Myriam Jessier

The benefit of doing SEO is that you don’t even have to invest a lot of money for digital venue marketing, yet, people still visit you. And the point of a great SEO strategy is to understand user behavior. That’s why you should provide value to the users and get back the benefits from it. 

In fact, Google ranks organic search results by how useful they are to a user’s query. Keyword research is, therefore, the basis of creating useful content. But there are many other factors that play into how high you rank: time, bounce rate, and links to your website. The more time users spend on your website, the more powerful message Google gets that it’s useful; The higher bounce rate, the lower your SEO; and the more websites linking to your site, the stronger signal to Google that your site provides value to users. 

Use pay-per-click ads

photo by launchpresso, pay per click blocks
photo by launchpresso

Whenever you put any query on Google, you see ads at the top of the result above the organic content. These are pay-per-click ads(PPC). And they can be an efficient way to drive potential clients to your website if you use them correctly. Here are some our tips.

Invest your budget towards your moneymakers. Your source is limited. So, spend only on the keywords that are most likely to convert for your venues. Figure out who is exactly your target and be more specific when you make the copy for your ad. That will qualify your visitors and drive a higher conversion rate.

Even when a keyword is not performing well, don’t give up easily. Test your ads by varying copies. You can make a slight difference to your ad and measure the impact according to variations. That way, you will get to know which one actually works better. And once you get the idea, you can use the best practices across your other campaigns. 

Build a long relationship with planners

photo by STIL, a person writing schedules on a note
photo by STIL

You shouldn’t expect immediate, on-the-spot conversion from digital venue marketing. That’s why you should build a long and stable relationship with planners by creating resources to help them plan great events. A lot of venues actually are turning their positions as ‘helpers with useful content’’ for event planners as they’ve realized the importance of deep engagement with them. 

With this type of content, you can help them meet their event objectives and make them interested in your venue. And a great event success drives repeat business between you and the planner. As you can see, the resource you provide can be the first interaction that triggers a long and strong relationship with planners.  

Showcase your venues on sourcing platforms

photo by Chasse Sauvage, wedding venue
photo by Chasse Sauvage

As you already know, people use the web as their primary source for researching and finding potential venues. And these days, especially, online venue sourcing platforms are playing an important role as search engines. However, there are limited tools to differentiate your property from others on the platform. Because usually listings there are templatized. So, how can you promote your venues, highlighting their uniqueness? Here’s our advice: 

Guarantee the success of future events in your venue by leveraging the success of past events that took place there. Encourage your current clients to give feedback after the event. And use it as social proof to attract your potential clients and build up trust. 

As we already mentioned above, the key to great online venue marketing is to make your venue visual. High-quality photography, video, floor plans and further, virtual tours are key. Make sure to show your potential clients the accurate and great features of your venues. 

Do not save money on investing in visual content. After all, it is an essential and easy way to attract new clients and drive better engagement. And high-quality photos/videos/virtual tours from a professional real estate photographer will certainly help you boost your sales.

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