Perfect food photography for your social media

Food photography is a huge trend on social media right now. The phrase ‘people eat with their eyes’ could not be more true! That’s why engaging food photography is a must when it comes to marketing and advertising your dishes on your social media channel. In this article, we’ve put together suggestions for the perfect food photography for your social media.


Tiramisu in a gold cup, showing importance of food styling for social media
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You need to consider the aesthetics and styling for your food photography. The food will speak for itself but you need to entice potential customers in by creating an engaging and inviting food scene. You could picture the food on a stunning table layout, on quirky plates or serving bowls or alternatively, you might want to picture the food being eaten. The choices are endless! As long as you photograph the food to suit your branding and to show that it’s delicious – it will help your sales massively!


food flatlay photo of salad on a plate to show different perspectives
Photo by Ala

There are 2 main perspectives when it comes to shooting food. Food photographers will either shoot it from above like a bird’s eye view or shoot it low. Using both of these perspectives will give your social media a variety of options and make your content look more enticing and interesting. A tip for Instagram is to use the carousel feature when you want to post one dish with multiple perspectives. 

Get up close

up close food shot of torched meringue to show close ups
Photo by Jess Bailey

Remember that the food is actually the star of the show. So whilst it’s important to create an engaging atmosphere, you need to revert your focus back to the food. Food photographers will recommend taking close ups of the ingredients on the plate and the dish as a whole. Potential customers will want to see every aspect of the food, so getting these close ups are essential. Getting up and close is also a good tactic when you have uneven bakes or food. For example you might have one perfect muffin, so focus on that and put the others in the background.

Before and after

food shot of vegetables showing ingredients before being turned into a dish
Photo by Marisol Benitez

People love to see transformations, so why not post a picture of the raw ingredients and then the finished dish after. You can post more than one photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin so this idea will be extremely effective, especially if you want to show off your fresh and organic produce. Food photography doesn’t have to be all about the end product, you need to celebrate the ingredients too!

Taking the photo itself

There are 2 important components to a good food photo – lighting and tripods. Every experienced food photographer would agree when saying that these two elements will transform a photo into looking professional. A tripod will help to prevent any shakiness therefore making a higher quality photo. On the other hand, lighting helps to make a clearer and brighter photo. 

Editing is a must

Every photographer will edit their photos – iit goes hand in hand with photography. There are great editing apps for phones such as Snapseed and VSCO that you can use to edit your photos. The most important elements are brightness, warmth, saturation and contrast. If you play around with those, you’ll be guaranteed a great photo!

Consistent branding is a must throughout your food shots for social media. Having a stylish aesthetic and high quality food shots will build and increase your brand reputation with social media users. With more than 4.48 billion people using social media in 2021, it’s more important than ever that you create engaging visual content for all your social media channels. 

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