The Photographers’ Guide to Protecting Your Photos’ Copyright

99% off all images licensed annually are Royalty-Free, making it almost impossible for photographers to trace and confront potential copyright infringement.


At Klaud9 helping local photographers maximise their income from selling their photos is our number one priority. We’ve put together this handy cheat sheet on the best ways to protect your copyright from infringement to help you start making more money from your photos today.

Use this handy cheat sheet and don’t give up your copyright without a copyfight!

1 – The easiest way to ensure you remain in control of your photos and avoid copyright infringement is by maintaining control of all your distribution and minimising the number of agencies and distributors you use

2 – Ensure that any sub-agencies or distributors you do engage provide you with detailed licensing information and end user details

3 – Make sure you receive details regarding the website where the image will be used and the name of the end user

4 – Where possible get your hands on a list of all the websites your photo might be licensed to if the license if for multiple sites

4 – When your agency sells one of your photos make sure they provide you with a report detailing the agency’s asset number, your (the photographer’s) asset number, the date of sale, the name of the customer, details for the allowed use, the price charged and the photographer’s royalty.

5 – If you are using an agency push them to provide you with this information weekly, if not daily. When engaging a microstock site such as Klaud9, you should receive this information at the time of purchase as the customer must pay for the image before receiving the file.

6 –  Receive all required information and reports in electronic format so it can be quickly and easily transferred.

When you sell your stock photos with Klaud9 you retain all rights, including the copyright, in and to your uploaded Visual Content. See more details on Klaud9 copyright here.

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