Poses and ideas for a friendship photoshoot

Taking photos with your friends is the best way to capture the essence of your friendship and look back on it in 20 years time. Friendship photoshoots are great birthday presents or even just a fun activity to do together as a group. It’s important to remember that your photos with them should be original and fun, with the ability to represent you as you are. Experienced portrait photographers will be able to guide and help you to create the best frames with you and your friends. Here are our suggestions for poses and ideas for a friendship photoshoot!

Friendly hugs

The best way to capture these photos is just to be yourself! Your photographer will make you feel calm and relaxed during the shoot so that there is no stiffness behind the camera. Whilst this pose might be a bit cringey for some, you can avoid having to stage the hug and instead do something else like chatting, dancing or walking which then will naturally lead into a hug. Be spontaneous, like when you have fun with your best friend!


a group of friends jumping and having fun
Photo by Spencer Davis

This is a photo with your friends that you need to take at least once in your life! For this pose it is best to be in an open and spacious place, maybe a beach or a lawn sot hat you have enough space to jump without landing on top of each other!. This is a perfect photo to capture on your holidays or your outings with your friends! PS: be prepared to laugh a lot because you will find out that it’s a little challenging to all jump at the same time!

Remake famous scenes

group of friends remaking the famous cover of the album Abbey Road from The Beatles
Photo by Andrew

Have you ever thought about remaking a famous scene? It can be the scene of a movie, the cover of a music album, or the scene of a TV series that you and your friends love! Get creative and work alongside your professional photographer to plan for the perfect shot. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica, more like inspiration such as the photo above.

Create a choreography

a group of friends photographed from behind while looking at the horizon
Photo by Dui Pham

A very simple idea for an easy to make but impressive pose with your friends is to create a choreography. It doesn’t need to be too articulated, you could all turn your back to the camera to look at the horizon, or arrange yourself in a circle lying on the ground. Talk with your portrait photographer to brainstorm some more ideas – the more communication you have with the photographer, the more ideas you’ll have!

No face photo

hands of a group of friends close to each other lean against the trunk of a tree
Photo by Shane Rounce

If you are not a good poser this will be your favourite photo idea! For this kind of frame, your hands or feet will be enough. With the help of your professional photographer you can create shapes or choreography, depending on the location. It is a really simple photo to recreate, yet extremely powerful as body language is just as expressionate as facial language.


two friends laughing
Photo by Thought Catalog

Laughter is the best pose for any photo, especially for photos with your best friends. The goal for a portrait photographer is to help you find your best profile and make you look good even if you make a silly face! So don’t be afraid to pull funny faces!

Pose like a star

group of friends all dressed in white with a stylish pose
Photo by Clarke Sanders

If you and your best friends feel like stars, then you need to pose like stars! You can take inspiration from your favorite singers, actors or influencers. In this case, a stylish location is very important and don’t forget to take care of your clothing and makeup. For a really cool effect you can coordinate you outfit with your friends to have the same style. The photographer will help you find the right poses for a truly professional result, worthy of Hollywood stars.


group of friends having fun and spontaneously laughs
Photo by Felix Rosting

Majority of the time, the best way to take a photo with your friends is unplanned, this could be during dinners, trips or funny nights out. For this kind of photo, you won’t be relying on a professional photographer to capture these spontaneous moments. Why not buy a disposable camera or just use your phone to be at the ready to capture any occasion! You will get a very special photo with your friends, capable of truly expressing your friendship.

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