Quick Ways to Make Some Cash to Splash with Your Smartphone

Want to have a vacation of a lifetime? Don’t have money to make your dreams into a reality? Well here are 5 easy ways to make quick cash this break without leaving your house!


  1. Perform online translation assignments

Have a talent for languages? Why not put this to use with www.gengo.com and start making money! They have many available services and once qualified start translating! The more you translate the more money you earn! Start translating and see the cash flowing!


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  1. Start your own blog

Blogging has become a huge trend these days. You can blog about absolutely anything from food to travel the options are endless! The more relatable the topic you write about is, the more money you can earn from it. You do however need to post regularly and something that people can only come to you to see.



  1. Review music for money

Most of us listen to music for a large proportion of the day. Why not make some money whilst doing this! Sites like MusicXray, RadioLoyalty and Hit Predictor all offer the option to review new musicians work and review their music. For every review you get paid, quick and easy cash!



  1. Sell your photos online!

Do you have an eye for photography? Can you take pictures beyond this world? With the ever increasing quality of cameraphones, everyone’s a photographer these days. Why keep your talent hidden when you can gain recognition and make easy cash with your hobby?

To make money from your photos today, just sign up at www.klaud9.com and sign up as a photographer! Next upload your images and start making cash and connections with some of Asia’s leading brands! Who knows your picture could be used for the next national campaign!



  1. Write and Publish a Kindle eBook

Do you enjoy writing? Have you ever thought about publishing but the hassle of finding a publisher is too complicated? Well it has never been easier, now uploading a novel straight onto Amazon for Kindle is as easy as can be. You can read more on Amazon direct publishing


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