Reasons you should hire a food and beverage photographer

Professional photographers have a passion for the skills and industry they work in. Food and beverage photographers understand not only food but also composition, lighting and styling that are necessary to create great photos. There are actually some restaurants owners who feel skeptical about using a professional food and beverage photographer. And instead, they just let their friend or employee who can take passable photos. However, your food photographs are the first impression that your potential clients will judge your whole business based on. No one would like to go to a restaurant that puts blurry images on their menu or website. Delicious food and beverage photographs attract indeed more customers and lead you to increase sales. Here are the reasons you should hire a food and beverage photographer to enhance your business. 

Food and beverage photographers know what they do 

fine dining restaurant, photo by Jay Wennington
photo by Jay Wennington (@jaywennington)

Professional photographers understand how to get the best photoshoot for your business. Creating the best images of your food and beverage requires a certain level of care, which is difficult to obtain in busy places. For instance, it’s certainly not a good idea to have a photoshoot session on Sunday because you will probably be busy dealing with too many customers. A professional food and beverage photographer will suggest taking the photoshoot on Tuesday or Wednesday while the restaurant is quieter and the chefs have spare time to make the dish look better. 

It’s very important to pick the best times and places to get the best result. If you rush the process you might get photos of glasses with fingerprints or ones of food with bad lighting and color. Professional photographers know better about these details. And working with them will definitely give you the best opportunity to have great photos of your food and beverage.

Show restaurant’s identity

If you are a restaurant owner you would probably know that brand identity is the key to a successful business. But how do you actually show your restaurant’s identity before people visit you? The answer is “photos”. You might have already heard of “people eat with their eyes first”. People’s perception is typically dominated by what their eyes see. Therefore, providing visual content of your food not only raise potential customers’ appetite but also portray the concept and brand of your restaurant. 

For example, if you’re running a fine dining restaurant all your photos should pursue luxury while you should promote a casual atmosphere if you own a small, cozy bar. Whatever your concept or theme is, you need to make sure that you build your restaurant’s identity with professional photos. Food and beverage photographers know how to effectively take photos that can portray your brand’s identity best from their training and experiences. Remember, the use of professional photos surely leads to strong brand identity. 

Professional styling

What comes to mind when you think about food styling? Do you think it’s just about making sure the glass and plate in the images are clean and the food looks decent? Actually, capturing the best look in a photo is more difficult than you think, and needs a certain level of professional skill. Portraying emotion and background story is a big part of styling which is also a task for food and beverage photographers. Do you want your potential customers to feel the atmosphere of summer vacation from your cocktail photos? A professional F&B photographer can make it realized. 

Also, professional food and beverage photographers know how to play with the best angle and light when shooting the subject. They will take all the different options into consideration to create the best looks of your food, drink, and interior. Moreover, food and beverage photographers use a lot of different tricks for the best shots that people not in the F&B photography field might not know about. Have you heard of food photographers using glue to make the pizza look more cheesy or fake ice cubes in beverages for their f&b photoshoot? These are the magical trinks of professional food and beverage photographers that you shouldn’t miss out!

People want Food images

3 different menus on bird eye's view ,photo by Lily Banse
photo by Lily Banse

How can you make people want to visit your restaurant even before they actually have been there? The answer is images. People would like to know what they should expect from your menu and establishment and what they’re getting from the purchase. And they tend to visit your restaurant when the photos actually show what you offer and who you are. It’s essential to have not only great food and beverage but also interior photography to attract potential customers. A collection of charming photos of your bar or restaurant will surely increase the possibility of people visiting you after seeing the photos online or advertisement. 

After all, how will you portrait your identity and what you offer when you actually can’t directly speak with people? The key is photos. They are an essential and easy way to attract new customers and engage with existing ones better. 

And high-quality photos from a professional food and beverage photographer will certainly help you boost your sales.

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