Register the best of Tokyo with travel photography

Tokyo’s eclectic charm 

The most populated city in the world has a reason to be a bucket list item for people everywhere. Tokyo offers a unique mix of modernity and tradition. 

In one day, you can be almost blinded by the colorful neon lights and stroll through the gardens of an imperial palace. 

This combination of futuristic, and historical attractions inspires more than 13 million tourists to visit Tokyo every year.

If you are planning a life-changing trip to Tokyo, you have thrilling times ahead! Deciding what attractions and experiences you can’t miss is an exciting way to prep for your upcoming travel. 

Be sure to see a little of everything, regardless of how much time you are going to spend there. After all, diversity is what makes Tokyo so special.

Tokyo, Travel photography, photographers in Tokyo, Tokyo beauty
Shibuya is a great place to start your trip, as it offers you a taste of every stereotype you could hope to see in Tokyo. – Brian Flynn
Need some inspiration?

Don’t miss one of the many gardens in Tokyo. They are prime travel photography spots! 

Since Garden Design is a valued art form in Japan, you will have an amazing time checking out the different styles of gardens, as well as learning about their history. Interestingly, some gardens have a religious purpose while other are for recreation and strolling.

Want to make the most of your time? Visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, one of the largest in Tokyo! There, you can see three styles of garden and recharge your batteries in contact with nature. The travel photography you take there are sure to be full of colours and life!

Tokyo, Travel photography, photographers in Tokyo, Tokyo beauty
Tokyo is like the New York of Asia. Although the people there are all basically from Japan, they celebrate what they like about various cultures. – Pharrell Williams

Travel back in time visiting some of Tokyo’s old temples. We guarantee the historical sights will transport you to a time you have never been to – and it will feel amazing. 

The district of Asakusa is an ideal place to explore. There, you will find Sensō-ji, one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Japan. After marvelling at its transcendental aura and having beautiful photos taken by a professional photographer, you can continue to walk around the area. Asakusa has many traditional shops, street food and izakaya bars for you to discover.

At nighttime, a place you must visit is Omoide Yokocho. The quintessential Japanese “memory lane” is full of small restaurants and food stalls. It is an experience you can’t miss! 

Tokyo, Travel photography, photographers in Tokyo, Tokyo beauty, traditional
Tokyo was an origami city folded over and over until something was made of virtually nothing. – Christopher Barzak
Tokyo, Travel photography, photographers in Tokyo, Tokyo beauty, couple in Tokyo,
If you go to Tokyo, I think it becomes very obvious that there’s this almost seamless mixture of popular culture and Japanese traditional culture. – Kazuo Ishiguro

Omoide Yokocho can get very crowded, but by connecting with a local photographer through Klaud9, you can benefit of all his know-how and local tips. The result? Amazing pictures like these!

Visiting Tokyo is the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure your memories last just as long! Whether you are planning your vacation in Japan, a honeymoon or a babymoon, a family trip or a friends’ get together…Document every beautiful moment though the lenses of experienced travel photographers.

Tokyo-based photographers know the ins-and-outs of the city, and can make your travel much more memorable and fun.

Let Klaud9 help you connect to the best local photographers in Tokyo, capturing the highlights of your trip. Through our AI-powered platform, we create a global network of highly qualified professionals for every need. 

Within 24 hours, we match you to the ideal photographer! After that, you can be sure that you will go back home with stunning travel photography to share with your friends and family. 

How does it work? 

Simply choose our on-demand photoshoot packages or customize it according to your needs.

Tell us what you want for your shoot, filling a simple and intuitive online brief. We will work on sourcing the best local photographer and assign them to you in 24 hours. When the day of the photoshoot comes, enjoy and have fun! It is your time to shine. 

Afterwards, the photographer will upload all photos in high definition for you to see, shortlist and even give editing instructions. You will then be able to download your final, digitally retouched and high quality images to share with the world!

Klaud9 has worked with clients like BeMyGuest and TourMundial, connecting photographers and travelers around the world! The results and awe-inspiring photos that will make your memories last forever.

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