Restaurant marketing trends for 2022

With the hospitality industry suffering more than ever, hospitality venues need to nail their marketing strategies. Following these marketing trends will make restaurants competitive and engage with their customers even more. The aim of these marketing trends is to boost brand awareness, increase brand loyalty and brand recognition. By doing this, new customers will be able to find your restaurant and you can boost your reputation as well. The majority of these marketing trends are in response to social, economic and cultural changes to society. To find out more, keep reading our restaurant marketing trends for 2022.

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Content marketing

To increase competitiveness, we recommend that you create organic and unique content to include in your marketing strategy. This can include writing blog posts or design visual campaigns. With blog writing, you can also boost your SEO engagement. With using the right keywords, new customers can easily find you when they search in google. For example, if you are an Italian restaurant, make sure you use keywords such as ‘Italian, pizza, pasta’ and the location you are in. By doing this, new customers will be able to find you more easily. Alternatively, creating eye-catching visual campaigns will entice customers. Customers tend to look at marketing presence to gage business reputation. So by having original visual campaigns, customers will trust the hospitality venue even more.

plant-based marketing

Vegan/plant-based diets are a hot topic right now. In fact, it is a trend on its own. Restaurants should capitalise on this, and incorporate plant-based options on their menus. However, customers won’t know about this without effective marketing. So wherever possible, try and promote your plant-based menu! The best way to effectively promote your vegan menu is by using a professional food photographer. With their experience and knowledge, they’ll be able to create incredible food shots for you. This is also a great way to produce organic content, as the photos are unique to the business.

partnerships with delivery services

With hospitality venues being closed this past year, food delivery has soared. Again, restaurants need to capitalise on this. By partnering with delivery services, restaurants will be seen on both platforms and gain even more exposure. Perhaps, restaurants could use delivery services as ‘influencers.’ For example; delivery services could help advertise special offers and deals. In addition, having more delivery service partnerships will give you more ratings and reviews. Therefore increasing business reputation and consumer confidence.

online ingredients

Being healthy is a huge trend right now, and for years to come as well. Customers are more intrigued about the ingredients and produce used in their food. This has been seen in the recent ‘farm to table’ trend. Restaurants can highlight some of their produce they use within their marketing strategies. Utilising a professional food photographer will elevate this idea even further. By having professional photos on all marketing channels, your business will look more professional and competitive. Therefore, high quality food visuals will be able to boost your marketing strategy for 2022.

Customers always look at menus before choosing a restaurant. In fact, almost 93% of people will view menus before dining out. Now knowing this information, restaurants should really start marketing their menus better. Whether on social media or email updates of new menu dishes, restaurants need to incorporate menus into their marketing strategy. Although great food photography will help to promote restaurants, the menu does a lot of the talking too.

online delivery

This trend is similar to partnering up with delivery services. However, there is a sole focus on the delivery coming from the restaurant. Whether restaurants are delivering whole dishes or DIY kits that you can make at home, this trend needs to feature in your marketing strategy. ‘DIY kits’ have become extremely popular during lockdown. The key to a popular ‘DIY kit’ is the images and instructions. We suggest that you hire a professional food photographer or videographer to show how the dish could be recreated. Delivering ‘DIY kits’ is a great trend to follow as it can guarantee income in such a volatile time.

Marketing your restaurant starts with hiring a professional food photographer who can provide you with a wide range of organic visual content. If we still haven’t convinced you about hiring a professional food photographer, then read here for reasons why you should hire a food and beverage photographer!

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