Simple Effort, Incredible Result of Optical Illusion

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Have you seen pictures like these and wondered how people made them?

Photo editing technique of an optical illusion has been a public secret for the experts. But, for beginners or photography appreciators that haven’t practiced a specific skill, this secret can be mind-blowing. To expose this secret, Klaud9 got a chance to chat with an expert of optical illusion. The pictures you saw above, were made by Herri Susanto.

Not just an entrepreneur, Herri is a passionate and fun person. His positive attitude enables him to mould a valuable and impressive talent. Anyone can’t underestimate him, Herri has once done a take over of @photoshop official account for a whole week! “It was awesome”, Herri says.

Now, you must be curious and want to know about Herri Susanto and his artwork better. Then, go start reading our interview with him!

1. What is the software that you use and how long have you been using it?

I use Photoshop to edit and have been using it for about 10 years.

2. How long does it take to edit an optical illusion?

The hardest part of doing it is to discover ideas. If you have found an idea, you only need to find the ‘ingredients’. The longest time it takes for me to edit in Photoshop is 3 hours.

3. Where do you get inspiration & idea to create different kinds of optical illusion?

I get the idea mostly from watching movies and observing daily life.

4. Is creating an optical illusion a pure hobby or can it be a source of income for you?

In the beginning, it was a hobby that I learned it by myself from books, internet, and YouTube tutorials. Then, I also got offers to make advertisement and music album cover.

5. Wow, it’s very interesting that you get to create music album cover. How many have you created? Could you show us your proudest creation?

There are about 10 album covers that I’ve made. Most of the offers came from international indy bands. Yes, I can do that for you. Here are several album covers that I created. I am very proud that I got compliments from people in different countries.

Picture: Album Covers by Herri Susanto

6. What is Herri Susanto’s biggest dream in the world of Photoshop optical illusion?

There’s no particular dream, except to be more skilled.

7. Your answer really describes your down to earth personality. Could you please share some tips & tricks to create an optical illusion in Photoshop?

One tip is to add your stock photo supply. If you find a good photo on the internet, just download it! Even though you don’t have the idea yet.

8. Do you make tutorial videos that we can watch online?

I had the chance to publish my tutorials in @photoshop official Instagram account. I also made tutorials on my Instagram TV @nak_bali_

Picture: Optical Illusion by Herri Susanto on @photoshop Instagram

We are all capable to be like Herri Susanto: from zero to hero. Herri used to have no knowledge about computer, let alone Photoshop. But, now he has reached success in which people have acknowledged and appreciated his artwork. “When there is a will there is a way”, Herri said.

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