The 10 Best Website Templates of 2017 so far – Free Download

It’s not always necessary to hire a web designer to launch your website, especially when there are some of the best website templates available for free online.

In fact, many of the best templates can be found for free without digging through online profiles to find an affordable designer who has the skills to give you what you want. Using an existing template also allows you to save a lot of time in addition to money, speeding up the launch of your website.

Using a template rather than working with a designer to create something new may make some think that their website won’t stand out or be unique. They may think that it won’t properly represent their brand or that it will look exactly like someone else’s website.

However, there are always thousands of templates to choose from, and many of them aren’t your typical generic looking themes. You also don’t need to hire a top-rated designer to get in on the latest web design trends; most of them can be found within the many free templates that exist online. Here are ten of the best free templates to use for your website:

1. Restaurant


Out of the many free website templates available online, this is one of the best. The responsive site allows you to showcase an image for visitors to see upon first entering your site, giving you the chance to make a lasting impression. It also uses a format that is not entirely unfamiliar to users and wont confuse them or discourage them from exploring. This website template stands out because it packs in a lot without overwhelming the visitor or losing sight of the main message or call to action.

2. Fornax


This free template is great for people who are looking for a minimal design. It offers plenty of space for illustrations and graphics, and its white background allows text to be legibly displayed for maximum conversion rates. While it can be used for anything, it has more of a professional edge and might be ideal for promoting and offering business services.

3. Mera


This template offers a more dynamic user experience with plenty of bold colors, icons, and enough alternating sections to keep the user interested. The one page style template is ideal for giving quick bursts of information in the form of text, images, and statistics. This can work particularly well for personal blogs and portfolio sites.

4. Beyond


This responsive template works well with businesses or anyone seeking to offer information and services. The largely monochromatic theme is a benefit to any business whose brand is linked to a single color. The easy to read typeface and clear navigation cues make it simple for users to find what they’re looking for.

5. Meghna


Responsive and fresh, this template offers everything you need to run your business. The light on dark makes text stand out and helps encourage visitors to read what you have to say. It also includes social media icons, maps, and a blog to keep your customers interacting with you and your business.

6. Shop Cart


Not everyone needs a blog template. This free template provides everything you need to set up an online shop with different options for product browsing. The light colors and minimalist style allows your product to shine without overshadowing your for-sale items.

7. Point


This is one of the newer free templates of 2017. Point makes a bold statement with a combination of typefaces, graphics, and backgrounds. It utilizes the grid trend and forces everything to stand out in an oversized yet functional way. Find this one at

8. Type and Grids


A much simpler implementation of the grid trend, this template is also responsive and easy to customize. If you’re looking for something that’s to the point and easy to navigate, this template may work for you. Find it at

9. Digital Team


Digital Team is a responsive free template that uses a visually stimulating design to keep your visitors engaged. It allows you to show your images while offering a more traditional menu in its one page layout. Users can easily follow the numbered sections and quickly locate what they’re looking for by using the main menu.

10. Link


This template greets your visitor in a big way by incorporating bold, oversized typeface. It also uses grids, images, icons, and maps to give your visitor everything they need to know before they take action. Unlike other website templates, this one encourages your users to follow you on social media by using large icons, making it great for those who are looking to build a following on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Figure out what your users are going to need before you make a final decision about which template to use for your site, and be sure to check out these best website templates available for free online.

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