The Five Most Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

Do you ever get bored of following the same accounts on Instagram? Is everything starting to look the same and nothing really inspiring you?

We know that Instagram can sometimes be overwhelming and it can be find to sift through the masses of accounts to find the truly unique and inspiring ones.

That’s why we’ve created a list of Five Most Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018.

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  1. Jayden Tan (@jaydenation) – Singapore

Coming from graphic design background, Jayden’s photographs are detailed, unique and vibrant. His technical skills and creativity visually deliver interesting stories. Throughout his work, he plays around with flowers, fruits, plastics, papers, water and even noodles to make his unique ideas come to live. It is safe to say that anyone who loves fun commercial work would love to work with him.

2. Jethro Hoon (@jethoon) – Singapore

Jethro mainly shoots urban cityscapes and sceneries around him. What is most interesting about his photos is not only how perfect his compositions are, but also how bluntly he speaks his mind through every caption. On his portrait photos, there can be found his perspectives on what his human objects are thinking about, what they are feeling, and even what they are wearing in funny ways.

3. Quynh Anh Nguyen (@quynhanhphoto) – Vietnam

Scrolling through Quynh’s Instagram, it can be seen that she loves to explore rural areas in Asia. Every photo she captured, whether it is an architecture, nature landscape, or portrait, it all shows genuinity. Yet, what is special for the portrait ones is the way she captures candid expressions and gives honest insights on what she truly sees and knows throughout her encounters with local people. Her feed creates eye-opening views that there is beauty in every ordinary thing.

4. Sam Alive (@samalive) – New York

Sam moved from Taiwan to New York five years ago to pursue his passion for photography. Although he resides in America, he still keeps posting photos of cityscape, nature landscape and portrait in Asia. On his portrait photographs, he incorporates natural expressions of his subjects, natural lights, nature landscapes, and other supportive objects, which create reminiscence of old memories. One of other things that makes his portrait work admirable is that although his subjects look straight to his camera, they still look candid.

5. Saravut Whanset (@saravutwhanset) – Thailand

Saravut enjoys capturing lives of local people in rural areas in Thailand and other places in Southeast Asia. Looking through his photos, it appears that he likes to emphasize the beauty of Asian cultures. His use of composition and contrast makes his work look even more appealing. However, what catches our attention is emotions that are shown on his subjects’ faces. It is like whatever his subjects do, they show tranquility, pure joy and happiness, which cannot be seen very often in urban lives.

As Instagram has increasingly been used widely around the world, it is hardly possible to pick your most favourite Instagram accounts to follow. Each account has a different purpose, message, style and target audience. Not only that, but consistency in visual content also plays a big role in determining right accounts to follow as you want to get inspired by them everyday. Look no elsewhere, but our website to find updated news on what is going on in the world of visual content.

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