The importance of visual content in your marketing strategy

Marketing campaigns have developed over time in tandem with the media. In the age of newspapers it was based on images, in the age of radio it was audio and in the age of TV it was video. Nowadays, all of these channels converge on the internet. This can create a bit of confusion about the content to be published. But we are here to help you! Did you know that social networks and search engines favor visual content, such as images and videos, over textual content? Here are our reasons on the importance of visual content in your marketing strategy!

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Visual content creates Engagement

Adding visual elements to written content makes your marketing campaigns more interesting and engaging. Pictures and videos are easier to remember whilst getting your message across faster. Visual content can help you keep visitors on your landing page. This increases click-through rates to other parts of your website and visitor interest in your brand.

Visual content is immediate

Images are preferred because our brain tends to remember 80% of what it sees and just 20% of what it reads. An image is much more immediate than a text. Because of this, it is processed more easily by the human brain. This feature increases the likelihood that it will be encoded, assimilated and remembered than textual content.

Emotional potential

An image manages to convey ideas and emotions in an instant. Create empathy. An image that excites is able to trigger something in those who use it. It possesses in itself an emotional capacity which allows consumers to engage with it.

universal language

Adding visual content to your marketing plan will help you reach a greater number of people. This is because images are a universal language. They are the main type of non-verbal communication. The message contained in an image is universally understandable and memorable. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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With all marketing strategies, visual content marketing strategy requires planning and in-depth analysis. The conscious use of images and visual content improves your online presence, promotes interaction with your target and increases recognition. Let’s now see some practical tips for using visual content marketing.


Use photos and images that add value to the content and send a message. Pictures and videos are great storytellers. For example, a short documentary video, a funny meme or an emotional photo with a quote. These examples can tell a story better than a thousand words.

Different formats

Secondly, transforming facts and statistics, processes and procedures into graphics and illustrations. Or alternatively, creating photos of the products that illustrate the processes. Inserting them in the right appropriate context of the post are just some of the steps to take in a correct visual content strategy. Moreover, you can add screenshots to tutorials or summarize the most important facts and statistics in an engaging infographic.


The optimization of images and videos with keywords and descriptions makes the images ready for visual search in search engines. Image search results can increase a website’s total traffic. The description of the image should include the main keyword and reflect the content of the image.

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