The Top 9 Website Designs to Follow in 2017

The field of web design is not always consistent and it’s never easy to keep up. To help you out, here is a list of the top 9 website designs to follow in 2017.

Website design is like a box of chocolates, exciting and unpredictable at times, and these top 9 website designs are the proof. Last year we saw a couple of shifts with new and talented designers emerging, and this year we can expect to see the same.
Every year brings a slew of new trends into focus. Some of them are simply a continuation from the previous year, some are part of a revival movement, and others include practices that were once seen as taboo.
With technology and its users moving at the fastest pace in history, companies are trying harder than ever to keep their websites updated and engaging.
If you want to know what to look out for, these websites reveal the top web design trends of 2017:

1. Safety on the Slopes – Interactive Webgraphics

This website showcases the webgraphics trend which offers a more immersive user experience. It provides information in a more dynamic way that gives the user control over when and how it’s delivered. It also guides the user through the site with graphics, and colors, rather than relying on text and traditional navigation methods.

2. Multimedia Guides to Polish Culture – Vertical Split Layout


This bold and fresh website features one of the newer trends in website design, the vertical split layout. Each main page features bold text to the left and an image tinted with a pop of color to the right. It also allows the user to scroll from one section to the next, making the user capable of browsing his or her reading options within seconds. A quick run through this site will reveal that its designers at Bright Media have also implemented the card design trend in some of its pages.

3. Dream Car Collection – Illustrations

The dream car collection website by Shiftbrain Inc. makes excellent use of illustrations to engage and convert its visitors. interactive and endearing, this trend will continue to be emulated throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

4. No More Snooze – Cinemagraphs

This website is unique in its use of cinemagraphs to interest users and compel them to engage in the provided calls to action. It requires the visitor to take action to play the video and receive information at the end. It definitely works, and it has a higher conversion rate than static images can create alone.

6. Psikontacto – Illustrations

This Portugese psychology clinic’s website has a lot going for it. Aside from its wholly unique illustrations, it’s also responsive, making it more convenient and effective for its visitors. The illustrations and varying pops of color stand out to guide the visitor to where he or she wants to go without wasting time. clearly puts user experience first, making it one of the best examples to follow in 2017.

7. UI Viking – Bold, Customized Text

This website designer’s portfolio breaks a lot of the old conventions that we told each other not to break in the past. Most of his elements are hand-drawn, and he created his own typeface to represent himself and his overall theme. His message is delivered in bold letters splashed across his home page and his main call to action button is created in a similar fashion. He also makes ample use of cards and graphics throughout.

8. Hamilton University – Content Cards
The homepage for takes the content card trend to a whole different level by squeezing them in to maximize space. Each card is partially concealed but allows the viewer to see just enough descriptive text and image to know where that card leads. This single unique use of the popular trend sets it apart from other websites and makes it more memorable.

9. Names for Change – Vertical Split, Contrasting Color, Cards

This website does an effortless job of converting visitors by taking advantage of the vertical split layout. It uses this trend to deliver an abstract message at the intro. In an effort to understand the meaning of the message, the user is guided down where he or she can discover a collection of cards in contrasting colors, plastered with images of household objects. It is also here that it conveys to the user what the site is for and how it works. Clearly, it is effective as it has raised over 86,000 dollars to date.

10. Orange-Happy 2017 – Animation
This site is a unique experience of its own that not only features recent trends but a whole new style of navigation. The website allows you to move in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions to explore the intricate animations. When moving horizontally, a dead end is never reached. Instead, the site loops you back to the beginning for a continuous flow of exploration and discovery. We will definitely be seeing more of these highly interactive designs throughout 2017.

Out of the many examples of quality new sites that utilize current trends, these are the top 9 website designs for inspiration and direction this year. Take a look at one or more of these to see where design is headed and how you can get current with your company or design services.

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