The ultimate tips for creating a video marketing strategy

Today, there’s no doubt that videos are an important factor for content marketing. In fact, people today are spending a third of their time watching online video content. According to a video marketing statistic survey, 81% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool. And more than 80% of people have been convinced to purchase a product by watching a video ad. Most marketers know how important video content is. However, creating a video marketing strategy is not as simple as it seems. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We would like to share the ultimate tips for creating a video marketing strategy with you. Just follow these steps:

photo by Kal Visuals, two men filming with a video camera
photo by Kal Visuals

Identify your target and set goals

You must start with research to have successful marketing campaigns. Who are you targeting? What kind of content attract them, and which channels do they usually use? Without thorough research, you might waste your time creating content for nothing. There’s no point in making great content and paying to have it on your website if your target audiences don’t visit.  

Also, you need to set up goals specifically according to your target audiences. Are you trying to drive sales, traffic, awareness of all of them? Make sure you use the right tone of message and voice to reach them based on your goals. Also, collecting consumer insights before launching your video is very important. Because these give you ideas to decide the type of videos you are going to produce and the budget on the items. 

Focus on your brand across videos

Your brand is the identity of your business. That’s why it’s important that viewers know who is speaking to them in the video. So, make sure to stay on brand and emphasize your identity across your videos. According to a statistic, companies with consistent branding achieve 20% more sales than those without. For instance, if your videos are on your social media channels, they should link to your website or a landing page. And they all should be clear and identical to each other. However, if the video viewers see something different on Facebook from one in your email campaign, it’s not consistent branding that could hurt your reputation. 

Make realistic budget

One of the most common mistakes of marketers is investing a lot into a video project. Just because you put tons of money into it, it doesn’t mean that the project will automatically be successful. But on the other hand, not spending enough also could hurt your brand’s image with low-quality content. 

Always keep your goals and target audiences in mind and spend your budget accordingly. For example, if your targets are millennials you should consider publishing short videos on social media channels such as Instagram or Tiktok. That way you can not only save money but also drive potential purchases by producing content on the right channels. 

Optimize your videos according to each channel

You should make sure whether your videos are optimized depending on the channels on which you launch your campaigns. To get as much engagement as possible, you should build the right strategy for each channel. For example, videos for Facebook or Instagram should be short while YouTube videos could be longer to share more stories of your brand or product. And for Twitter, you should especially focus on your target audiences by using keywords and hashtags, not getting lost with over-targeting. 

Test leads to successful campaigns

A/B testing will help you figure out which elements of a campaign actually work out and which isn’t. It could be your messaging, or maybe it’s the time of day you launch your campaign or the channels you choose. Your videos might be too long or too short. Whatever it is, don’t forget to test over and over again to get to know the optimal message and timing of your campaigns. Keep your eye on these five ways to evaluate your campaign:  Engagement rate, view count, play rate, social sharing and comments. Test, analyze the statistics and make sure that you’re on the right track. 

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