Tips to Create Interesting Minimalist Photography

To become a skilled photographer, it is important to explore different styles to keep challenging yourself. Do you know anything about minimalist photography? If you don’t, now it’s time to learn about it!

Minimalist Photography utilizes various objects, from large objects and the wall as the background to tiny objects and its natural surroundings as background. The challenge is not only to find these objects but also whether you are equipped with the proper skill. So, you have to be prepared before you use the camera to shoot. In order to prepare you to face these challenges, this article will provide you with photos from Klaud9 gallery that you can re-create or inspire you to find new ideas.

1. Find Contrasting Colors

Various contrasting colors are powerful and emotional, even though there are few or no elements.

A Little Flower by Jacqlie
Butterfly on Flower by ToniNguyen


2. Tell A Story

Incorporating some elements, such as people and vehicles can create a unique visual experience.

Enthusiastic Woman Exploring Australia by JeraldSaw


Boats in Krabi by ahmdfaruq


3. Dark & Light

Utilizing the sun and shadows is a smart way to create a simple yet stunning photograph.

Silhouette of a Woman Against a Beautiful Backdrop of the Ocean in Australia by JeraldSaw
Sunset by hjchung


4. Keep it Simple

The simplest subject in nature can turn out to be an impressive minimalist photography. Patience and a sharp-eye are necessary!

Sunset Kisses by Lusttraveller
Young Man Exploring the Beach in Australia by JeraldSaw

As you can see, the tips for creating minimalistic photographs are different than other styles. There isn’t much instruction, because it’s all about perspective: simplifying thoughts and remembering that “less is more”

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