Top 10 Destinations for Travel Photograph post covid

Where would you go when it’s time to travel again? As the fourth wave of covid 19 is upon us, travel restrictions are getting more strict day by day. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t dream of packing our suitcases and traveling somewhere someday again. The excitement of planning a trip, meeting new people and experiencing a new place is fuel to overcome this hard time for everyone. Now is a great time to reflect on the last trips and think about future ones. Especially if you’re into travel photography, use your time at home for planning your next trips for travel photoshoots. We’ve put together our Top 10 destinations for travel photography post covid for your inspiration!


Santorini, photo by Heidi Kaden
photo by Heidi Kaden (@infinitexplorer)

If you want stunning scenes of white tiered buildings, Santorini is a must-visit place for travel photography. Once you arrive, we can guarantee that you will fall in love with this little village full of bright colors paired with the warm, strong sunlight. Santorini is the ideal destination for those who crave warm waters, culture, quiet streets and of course remarkable travel photographs.


Sicily, photo by Jacek Dylag
photo by Jacek Dylag

Everyone who has visited Sicily never forgets the city’s beautiful scenerry and the cultural experiences. Sicily is such a full package of charming travel destinations. The clean beaches, food, ancient history, medieval architecture and the mountain Etna always warmly welcome travellers. It’s a perfect place for travel photographers who want to take not only landscape photos but also architecture and lifestyle photographs. 


Sydney ,photo by Liam Pozz
photo by Liam Pozz

Photograph the most beautiful harbor in the world! Sydney’s golden hour is one of the best times to uncover the beauty of night photography. The rays of sunlight onto Sydney Harbor provide a unique photographic canvas to anyone who dreams of stunning travel photography. Don’t forget to discover hidden hot-spot locations around the Rocks, for panoramic city views to improve your travel photography!


photo by Anthony Delanoix

There is no doubt that Paris is a travel photographers’ mecca. From stunning landmarks, parks and monuments, there are so many objects you should capture with your camera. Paris has hundreds of photography spots such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and some lesser-known secret locations. Grab your camera and explore the streets of one of Europe’s most loved cities, Paris!


Copenhagen, photo by Nick Karvounis
photo by Nick Karvounis

For more diverse travel photography, visit Copenhagen, one of the most quaint European cities. Copenhagen balances its own tradition with modern aesthetics. If you’re interested in Scandinavian design, this should definitely be your next travel destination. Moreover, Copenhagen’s iconic historic port, Nyhavn will be the best place for those seeking colorful historic architecture photoshoots.


Bermuda, photo by Mel Caines
photo by Mel Caines

If you are searching for a place for the best beach photoshoots, Bermuda would be a perfect destination along with the friendliness of the locals and the beauty of the island. The pink sand beaches and vivid historic houses show off the hues of the rainbow. Anyone missing the warm and clean ocean will love Bermuda Island. Besides, you will be able to get outstanding travel photography on the beach.


Philippines, photo by Rolands Varsbergs
photo by Rolands Varsbergs

When you think about the Philippines, what comes to your mind at first? For some people, it may be islands, palm trees, or beautiful beaches while for others it may be unique architecture, food or nice local people. It is the ultimate paradise for not only divers or adventurers but also travel photographers! The country offers a vast array of lagoons, waterfalls, caves and other cultural attractions as well. Don’t miss a chance to take great sunset photoshoots on the beach! 


Jamaica, photo by AVBS
photo by AVBS

Are you looking for a destination with an affordable all-inclusive resort especially for a family trip? Then here we have Jamaica! For those looking to enjoy the white sand and sunlight, we recommend areas such as Montego Bay and Ochos Rios. With rhythmic reggae music, enjoy the beautiful nature of Jamaica. Don’t forget to capture the amazing landscape in your camera as well! 

Palm Springs

Palm Springs, photo by Jeremy Gallman
photo by Jeremy Gallman

With its beguiling light and attractive desert backgrounds, Palm Springs is one of the most inspiring destinations for travel photography. Surrounded by Coachella Valley, It lures travelers wanting to escape crowded big cities and connect them to mother nature. The wide eerie Mojave desert holds mystery and promise to travel photographers with a keen eye. When you get tired of endless sand hills, go back to the city and capture the city’s spectacular skyline in your camera.  

Mexico City

Mexico City, photo by Matthias Mullie
photo by Matthias Mullie

As it’s a huge city, Mexico City offers a great mixture of destinations to visit. From architecture, street food, music to landscapes, you will find anything you would like to photograph. Especially, the Metropolitan Cathedral in Zocalo Square is a magical place to catch the sunrise over the historic site. Also, Mexico City has become well known for its street food scene. Grab some delicious food and don’t forget to capture some nice travel photoshoots with local streets in the background!

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