Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, professional event photography has helped us all look back with nostalgia at our pre-pandemic past lives; the good old times! Although this past reality feels like a distant dream to many of us now, high vaccination rates  and low levels of virus transmission worldwide mean that once again, we may soon return to more normal activities and events! So, in case you’re planning a celebration in the not too distant future, we thought we would bring you  an updated list of our choice for the Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore

Let’s jump into our list of the top 10 Event photographers in Singapore (2021)!

Milton Tan

Kicking off our list of the top 10 event photographers in Singapore is Milton Tan, a leading commercial and events photographer. A recognised name in the Singaporean photography world, Milton Tan Studios works with leading brands and organisations such as Gucci, Mac and Jimmy Choo. With a critical eye for detail and technique, Milton Tan is your go to photographer to capture all those great memories during your next commercial event.

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Milton Tan Photography
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Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee is a talented event, lifestyle and corporate photographer based in Singapore.  A naturally born creative, he started his journey with photography and videography when he was just 25. Since then he has dedicated a lot of time and effort to perfecting his skills to a professional standard. Bernard has worked with us extensively, shooting events for high-level clients such as Hubspot and the FOC Sentosa party. We recently interviewed Bernard on our blog, check it out here!

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Bernard Lee Photography
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Glen Goh

Glen Goh became interested in event photography at an early age, having been gifted a Kodak Instamatic camera as a kid in 1976. Since then, he has made his passion his profession, setting up his own studio ‘ illu.ME8‘. Among Glen’s notable clients include ST Aerospace, Cosmoprof Academy and Fox Sports Asia, to name a few. He enjoys travelling, taking every opportunity to capture life and its experience one photo at a time.

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Glen Goh Photography
Copyright Glen Goh Photography

Jimsimon Chia

Next up on our list of the top 10 event photographers in Singapore is Jimsimon Chia; a self-taught photographer with a passion for capturing moments of joy and happiness shared by people during events. He is the perfect choice for capturing all the great emotions at your next event! Jimsimon prefers to keep things simple and uses basic techniques to capture those authentic, natural images.

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Jimsimon Chia Photography
Copyright Jimsimon Chia Photography

Bernard Sim

Bernard Sim is one of the most experienced and well-known event photographers in Singapore and is the visionary behind the studio ‘Magic Dow Photography’. He specialises in family, lifestyle and event photography and is the perfect choice for everyone who wants high-quality, natural memories to last a lifetime. Bernard has worked in many high-profile events using his wide range of photographic equipment and technology. He is also a Global winner of Sony’s Animal portrait competition.

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Bernard Sim Photography
Copyright Bernard Sim Photography

Wayne Chan

No less worthy is our next entry, Wayne Chan. As a naturally talented creative, Wayne is fantastic at capturing real people in motion. He is the founder and visionary behind the studio Nexas Productions. Wayne uses simple techniques, such as the use of light and clever camera angles to create dynamic and engaging results. He strives to catch honest moments between colleagues and loved ones. Wayne is the perfect choice to capture all the precious moments of laughter, joy and love in your next event!

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Wayne Chan Photography
Copyright Wayne Chan Photography

Gunjan Jaiswal

Gunjan Jaiswal is a talented event photographer in Singapore who runs the studio Pickle Pics Photography. She regularly works on large events, working within Haute Couture, lifestyle, and food photography. Gunjan is known for her unique blend of artistic ability and strong, professional technique. Her work has previously been displayed on BBC Lonely Planet and The Times of India.

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Gunjan Jaiswal Photography
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Raymond Phang

Raymond Phang is an international Multi-Award-Winning Wedding Photographer. Having worked as a full-time freelance photographer since 2004, Raymond boasts a great portfolio of projects for both private and commercial clients. Raymond loves experimenting with photography, adding a bit of humour and pushing the boundaries of what his clients usually expect. He enjoys capturing emotions; those moments that often go unnoticed during large events. Raymond is always praised for his upbeat personality and passion while capturing events. If you want to capture precious memories from a fun event, he’s your guy!

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Raymond Phang Photography
Copyright Raymond Phang Photography

Simon Yap

With a passion for storytelling, Simon Yap approaches photography from a more emotional, nostalgic angle. He uses a professional technique to capture all those precious moments shared between loved ones during events. His interest in photography started due to his with his love for travel and exploring the world. He began to document and capture the moments at an early age back in the day with film cameras. 

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Simon Yap Photography
Copyright Simon Yap Photography


As an award-winning event photographer in Singapore, Ken has 11 years of experience providing quality photography and videography. When working at events, he strives to collect images that tell the story of your event. He understands the need to relive the joy of a special day or provide coverage of public events for the media. Ken always captures every beautiful and vital moment and captures a wide variety of shots, including posed and natural moments.

Top 10 Event Photographers in Singapore - Ken Goh Photography
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