Top 10 food photographers you should know in Singapore (2021)

Why food photographers are important for your restaurant?

Want to make your restaurant stand out among hundreds of food restaurants? You need professional food photographers in Singapore to make your food look great! With the boom of food delivery and social media marketing in Singapore, high-quality visual content is essential to the success of your food business. Potential customers are always browsing online for the most mouthwatering options. The food photos you have available can make or break your marketing efforts.

Delicious-looking food photos will help you to appeal to potential customers and contribute to boosting your business. Now, let’s dive into the top 10 food photographers in Singapore. Make sure to check it out!

Top 10 food photographers in Singapore

William Tang

William Tang has specialised in food photography for years. He first picked up the camera at 31 years of age when looking for a way to express his creativity. After delivering tons of professional food photoshoot in Singapore, William Tang has gained skills in various styles of food photoshoots.

Bene Tan

With his detailed eye for colours and the exceptional ability to make images come to life, Bene Tan has gained world recognition for his work with his multiple awards and accolades. Because of his great reputation; he boasts an enviable catalogue of clients who range from famous homegrown staples such as Old Chang Kee, Joe and Dough to international well-known brands such as Unilever, Pizza Hut, and 7-Eleven.

Wei Guang Photography

Wei Guang Photography boasts a portfolio of expert freelancer photographers in Singapore,  specializing in food photography. Browse through the Wei Guang Photography website to preview all of their previous food photoshoots in Singapore.


Joyce Leong is an international award-winning food photographer who specialises in capturing images that evoke emotions and tell a story about food. She shapes light and shows the beauty of food through styling and props. Furthermore; she captures authentic, bright images and loves working with clients on a range of creative projects.

Elodie Bellegarde

Elodie is a French food stylist, photographer and cookbook author based in Singapore and Bali. She moved to Singapore 8 years ago. After that; Elodie gained experience working with many food magazines, hotels, international and local brands. She has even written a cookbook, Kitchen Stories. She is now dividing his time between Bali and Singapore. 

Silk and Salt Images

Silk and Salt Images studio offers food photoshoots based in Singapore. They aim to deliver warm, authentic and experiential photoshoots for clients. 

Mako Images

Mako delivers a wide range of food photoshoot styles. Therefore; they can tailor their services to suit your brand image and can offer expert advice on new, exciting ways to attract an audience.

Charu Shah

Charu is an editorial photographer based in Singapore. She is a NAFA and LASALLE graduate. After graduating, she worked 10+ years in branding, graphic design, web design, art & creative direction, digital marketing and photography. Her clients include F&B clients like Wooloomooloo Group, RedDot Brewhouse, Podi & Poriyal and YoRipe.

Shraddha Jain

Shraddha is a passionate cook & photographer. She found a new passion in photography after she moved to Singapore back in 2012 with her husband. Moreover; she is a microblogger on Instagram and often posts her cooking experience with a touch of extraordinary photography.

Himani Ishar Sindhwani

Himani’s journey with photography started almost a decade ago. Due to her special experience of being a part of Miss India 2000 and her modelling assignments in India; she has gained a better understanding of angles and lighting.

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