Top 10 professional product photographers in Singapore (2021)

Are you looking for product photographers for your retail or e-commerce business? You have come to the right page! In this article, we’ll share with you our pick for the top 10 professional product photographers in Singapore that can help you grow your business with great photography!

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Why are Professional product photographers important for your business?

  • Increase sales! As we all know, first impressions count! Engaging, high-quality product photos will capture the attention of potential customers, drive more traffic to your business and directly increase sales. For example, according to the 2012 ICRE Report, 75% of consumers consider the quality of the product image when making purchasing decisions online.
  • Reduce the number of returns. According to Invesp, 22% of consumers that return items bought online do so due to inaccurate, misleading or low-quality product images! Save yourself time and money and offer your customers high-quality images they can trust!
  • Increase product desirability. A professional product photographer will offer high-resolution photos that include the professional use of light and background settings. This will give you the chance to showcase your product in an optimised way.
  • Enhance marketing and social media campaigns. Professional product photographs allow you to create engaging and professional marketing and social media campaigns to boost your business!

Now you know why you need a professional photographer, let’s dive into the top 10 list of product photographers in Singapore!

Top 10 product photographers in Singapore


Milton Tan studios have worked with many brands, thoughtfully crafting everything they shoot, whether it’s for a local business or a multinational corporation. Their work is known for the cinematic style and sleek, modern look. They specialise in a range of genres from advertisements to branding photos.

Milton Tan Studios Photography

Laura Bell

Moving to Singapore gave Laura Bell the chance to broaden her expertise in photography, a passion of hers. Laura has partnered both with large brands and with individual customers on private commissions. Her company often works with known brands, authors & artists on creative art projects. She is always honoured and excited to bring her customers’ ideas to life.

Laura Bell Photography

William Tang

More than a food photographer, Wiliam Tang also specialises in product photography. He first picked up the camera at 31 years of age when looking for a way to express his creativity. William offers a diverse array of styles, covering everything from commercial product photoshoots to 360-degree product videos.

William Tang product photgraphy

Daniel Chia

Daniel Chia started his journey with photography as a hobby at the young age of 15. Since then he has gone on to pursue his passion professionally, enrolling in a Visual Communication degree at Temasek Polytechnic University, Singapore. He has also been awarded the Crowbar Award and Singapore Young Photographer Award for his work.

Daniel Chia Photography

andy chua

Andy Chua is a photographer based in Singapore who covers most of the national swim meets organised by the Singapore Swimming Association. Besides that, he is also a professional product photographer specializing in a wide array of product types including; food, jewellery, IT gadgets, watches and kitchen hardware.

Andy Chua Photography

lyn averson

Having graduated from Temasek Design School in 2012 with a Diploma in Visual Communications, Lyn Averson decided to make the move to Singapore to follow her dreams of a career in professional photography. She specialises in Fashion (Campaigns, Editorials & E-commerce), Commercial and Advertising Photography. Her clients include Charles & Keith, Island Shop, Styledasher and Straits Times. She is based in Singapore but is also available for freelance work or collaborations worldwide.

Lyn Averson Photography

Johna Sue

Johna began his career assisting several prominent photographers in the industry. He was able to pick up on the professional and creative aspects of the job right from the start. Johna is committed to the process of drawing out the brand’s story visually.

Johna Sue Photography

Chris and Sam

Chris and Sam are identical twins with a shared passion for commercial photography. With many years of branding experience in Singapore, they decided to start their own studio in 2014 to provide an informed commercial photography service. Chris and Sam seek to understand every client’s requirements. They aim to express purpose in each shot to help brands speak directly and genuinely to consumers.

Chris and Sam Photography

Fauzi Anuar

Boasting many years of experience, Fauzi Anuar is the principal photographer of the well-known studio Zee and Marina Photography. Fauzi is also a qualified master photographer (AMPA of MPAUK). He has won several awards mainly from the International Photography institutions.

Fauzi Anuar

Jose Jeuland

As an Ex-Professional Triathlete turned Professional Photographer, Jose Jeuland searches for perfection in every project. He specialises in commercial and product photography. Jose is now based in Singapore, running COCO Creative Studio where he produces commercial photography and directs video productions for his clients.

Jose Jeuland Photography

Looking for product photographers in Singapore?

As you can see, having product photoshoots for your business is a necessary investment. We hope that you like our top 10 professional product photographers in Singapore list.

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