Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore(2021)

Professional portrait photography can help you boost your professional profile, capture precious moments between friends and family members or even preserve important events through time. In recent years, the Singapore photography scene has exploded with creative talents from across the world, each one offering a unique style, experience and price point. With so many professionals out there, it can be hard to find the perfect portrait photographer for you. To help you narrow things down, we have compiled a list of the top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore who are doing great things right now! 

Lets dive into our list of the top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore(2021)

Boban James

Boban James is an experienced professional photographer based in Singapore. He specialises in portrait photography and so has built the perfect formula to get you looking your best in front of the camera! He works both in and out of his studio, photographing everyone from CEOs to celebrities. His work has featured in publications such as BLLNR magazine, Vogue India and Gulf News!

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Boban James Photography
Copyright Boban James Photography

Jose Jeuland

Jose Jeuland is a renowned professional photographer based in Singapore. Originally from Brittany, France, Jose discovered his passion for photography as a  professional athlete in his early 20s, capturing the interesting people and cultures that he came across as he competed around the world. Now an established professional photographer, Jose boasts an impressive portfolio of works and has experience shooting all types of cultures, conditions and ages. 

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore -  Jose Jeuland Photography
Copyright Jose Jeuland Photography

Ejun Low

As a lover of cinematography and design, Ejun Low approaches his work with a focus on expressing emotions and telling a story. He is an expert in portrait psychology, attempting to first understand the motive or vision behind the shoot in order to bring out raw emotions in the models. This unconventional approach has brought him notoriety and he is now an accredited member of the Professional Photographers Association in Singapore.

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Ejun Low Photography
Copyright Ejun Low Photography

Theresa Olessen

Theresa Olessen is an experienced photographer based in Singapore. As a specialist in portrait photography, she works across a variety of styles and briefs, from maternity and newborn baby to corporate style and fashion shoots. Theresa is based out of a professional studio and knows how to use lighting, backdrops and props to capture her clients in the very best way. 

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Theresa Olessen Photography
Copyright Theresa Olessen Photography

Lyn Averson 

Next on our list of the top 10 portrait photographers in Singapore is Lyn Averson. Having graduated from Temasek Design School with a diploma in Visual Communications and Photography in 2012; Lyn has gone on to build an impressive career in portrait, fashion and product photography. Although Lyn Initially worked for local agencies in Singapore, she recently decided to become a freelancer. Lyn now works with publications such as Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Sunkissed and Elements magazine.

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Lyn Averson Photography
Copyright Lyn Averson Photography, for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

Juliana Tan

As a graduate of the in communication, Juliana Tan knows a lot about how to tell a story through photography. Her work is set apart by her exemplary use of composition and lighting. She really creates work that reflects mood and emotion. Furthermore, Juliana has experience shooting around the world, previously working in New York and Los Angeles before recently setting up her own studio in Singapore.

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Juliana Tan Photography
Copyright Juliana Tan Photography

Himani Ishar Sindhwani 

As the founder and visionary behind the Singapore based studio ‘EaselnGlass’,  Himani combines her love of photography and art to create stunning images across a variety of styles. She shoots everything from portrait to food photography. Her artistic nature and deep-rooted cultural knowledge help her to optimise all of her shoots through the professional use of angles, lighting and props. 

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - EaselnGlass Photography
Copyright EaselnGlass Photography

DIrgan Fasa

Dirgan Fasa is an experienced commercial and portrait photographer based in Singapore. He has extensive experience working on the local corporate photography scene, partnering with celebrities and national brands. Dirgan recently partnered with us to deliver a portrait shoot for the leading recruitment agency Persol Kelly.

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Dirgan Fasa Photography
Copyright Dirgan Fasa Photography

Irina nilsson 

Up next is Irina Nilsson, a Swedish born Portrait, lifestyle and wedding photographer who calls Singapore her home. She loves the diversity and the vibrancy of the city! As a social individual, Irina enjoys connecting with different clients from across the world, telling stories and building relationships through photography. She has built a great knowledge and awareness of how to get the best out of every shoot!

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Irina Nilsson Photography
Copyright Irina Nilsson Photography

Yew Kwang

Established in 2002, Yew Kwang Photography has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality photography services with a specialisation in corporate portrait photography. Yew Kwang photography is the studio of choice for many professionals looking to boost their personal branding. They continue to work with high-level organisations across Singapore including  CEO magazine, Audio and Capital FM radio.

Top 10 professional portrait photographers in Singapore - Yew Kwang Photography
Copyright Yew Kwang Photography

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