Top 10 Props for your fabulous wedding photos

Any wedding photoshoot can be creative and unique when using wedding photography props. If you love getting creative yourself, this will definitely be your cup of tea! Most of these ideas are budget-friendly and will make your wedding photos look gorgeous! Let’s check out our top 10 props for your fabulous wedding photos

Fairy Lights

Bride and Groom under the fairy lights, photo by Anthony Tran
Photo by Anthony Tran

Using fairy lights is a great option if your photography session is during the evening or at night. It will create a sweet and romantic feel to the photos. You can stretch out the lights horizontally and hang them in the background or alternatively, drape them across the bride and groom. It’s a great way to create simple but dreamy wedding portraits. 


Wedding sign, Photo by Sooz
Photo by Sooz

You can use signs as a symbol of a couple’s happy journey to their marriage. You just need a blank sign and write something conceptual on it or a romantic quote. The couple can pose next to the sign or even hold it. 


Wedding banners, Photo by James Bold
Photo by James Bold

Using banners is a classic tip for wedding photography. Banners are wonderful to decorate the venue and add some colour and style to it. You can not only hang them on the wall but also use them for your wedding photography. Choose any inscription you want and have your own quote in your wedding photos. 


bride and bridesmaids under the balloons, Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv
Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv

Wedding-themed balloons are a fan favourite for wedding photography props ideas. Some of them have simple quotes, while others are more glamorous. Get creative with the balloons, stack them into different heights, create a balloon garland or just simply hold them in the photo.

Bride’s Veil

Bride and groom in the veil, Photo by Nathan Dumlao
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Using a veil is a great way to create a dreamy and idyllic foreground or background for your wedding photos. It’s the perfect prop for stunning wedding photography. Stretch the veil towards the camera so it will cover the lens. A soft and fantastic scene will be captured in your wedding photos. 

Picnic Props

Picnic with a flower basket, Photo by Brigitte Tohm
Photo by Brigitte Tohm

If you have time for a pre-wedding photoshoot, create a fun and casual atmosphere with flowers, snacks and cake. All you need is just a picnic basket, blanket and some wedding-related elements.


A bride in a tiara, Photo by Jonathan Borba
Photo by Jonathan Borba

If you want to have a luxurious bride portrait, why don’t you wear a tiara? Not only does it enhance a bride’s wedding dress but also makes your photo more elegant. Are you concerned about the expensive price of a tiara? Don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. You can always buy one for under 30 dollars online. 

Vintage Car

Bride and groom in front of a vintage car, Photo by Eliza Szablinska
Photo by Eliza Szablinska

A car can be used in various ways for wedding photography. You can create photos of the bride and groom inside, outside of, or even on the top of the car. If you want to get a more unique photo, you can shoot through the car windows. Moreover, you can decorate the car with some wedding-related elements to enhance the scenes in your wedding photos.  

Flower Crowns

Bride in a flower crown, Photo by Omar Lopez
Photo by Omar Lopez

Flower crowns are a fan favourite for boho themed weddings. When created with fresh flowers, they add an element of nature and simplicity to the shoot.


Champagne glasses, Photo by Engin Akyurt
Photo by Engin Akyurt

A bottle of champagne can be a really interesting and fun prop. Wine glasses, splashes and genuine laughter will show a lot of positive emotions in your wedding photos. And you will definitely get the opportunity to make many natural yet fascinating shots. 

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