top tips for a great Tinder profile

On Tinder, first impressions are everything. One bad photo will lead to one less potential date. It may sound brutal, but if you don’t tickle their fancy then you’re going to be swiped left – there’s no such thing as a second chanced on Tinder. We’re going to help you create the perfect, flirty, sexy and enticing Tinder profile. We can guarantee that you’ll be on dates every week! Check out our top tips for a great Tinder profile!

Save the nudity for the bedroom!

Photo by Christopher Cam

This tip is for all the guys out there! A general consensus on Tinder is that shirtless gym photos are usually a no go. In fact, it probably gives potential dates the ‘ick.’ Now, you’re probably wondering why. It just gives an impression that you are a little self-absorbed and girls won’t be wanting to bring that sort of guy home to their family. The only exception here, is maybe a summery holiday photo. Whilst probably in a more natural pose and with a great tan, a shirtless selfie here might the key to a few more swipes!

Avoid drunken photos

Photo by Abstral Official

Whilst it may seem like it shows others that you know how to have a great time, it could lead to opening a can of worms. You never know what could be in the background of those photos. Even worse, there might be drunk women or men hovering around you in the club/bar. You don’t want to give the wrong impression.

Leave something to the imagination

In this tip, we’re sharing a tried and tested secret. Some people fall into the trap of oversharing on Tinder. Try and avoid this! If you want a flirty and sexy profile, then keep your dates guessing until the date itself. This way, they’re going to be more enticed to take you on a date. Whatever you leave to their imagination is totally up to you. If you want to go down the mysteriously seductive route, then show a little skin as a teaser! Or if you want them to unfold more about your personality, show some hints of your hobbies or job. It’s always best to keep them guessing. Girls – boys always fall for this secret, they’re just too nosey!

Don’t use any photos with exes

NEVER put any photos with exes! photo by Djim Loic

While it may seem obvious, we’ve seen it before! Never put any shots of you with anyone that might look like your ex or is your ex. Whether it’s your cousin, friend, or colleague, just avoid any misunderstanding. Even if they’re cropped, don’t use such pictures on your profile picture. It’s always better to remove all doubt. 

Avoid group photos as the first image

You wouldn’t want your potential match to play “Where’s Wally?” with your profile picture. Your potential matches won’t waste their time to find which one in the group photo is you. People simply don’t like feeling confused and will just move on to a different tinder profile that is more clear. Group photos are great because it shows you’re a social butterfly and love to have fun. But make sure you put them in towards the end of the carousel. By then, they should recognise your face and avoid any confusion.

The Perfect photo combination

Use your six photos wisely on Tinder. There has always been discussion about what is the perfect photo combination to get others swiping right on you. Well, we have it here. Firstly, go for a smiley confident photo of yourself. Then followed by, photos of you on holiday, doing an activity, perhaps with some friends. Lastly, use this slot as a wildcard. If the photos before haven’t quite enticed them, you need to choose a photo that can secure the date in the bag. Whether it be sexy, cheeky or a little bit 15-rated, it’s a great conversation starter! Take a look at some of these photos for inspiration on poses and the types of photos that can make you become a serial dater!

Use a professional

A photo studio, Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy
Hire your own photographer! photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy (@shaikhulud)

If you are still confused and not confident enough to use photos you are already having why not hire a professional portrait photographer? As mentioned before, great profile photos can make all the difference. So, getting an affordable professional photographer can be a good idea. A portrait photographer knows how to play to the strengths of your appearance and will guarantee you the best shots you haven’t made before with your phone. Ensuring all of the technical details like lighting, a professional will help you add outstanding photos on your Tinder profile! Click here to book your own portrait photographer with klaud9!

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