Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Singapore (2021)

Wedding photography is a key part of every wedding celebration. Professional photography allows couples to look back on their big day with a sense of love, nostalgia and happiness.

However, many couples will often spend months tracking down the best photographer to suit their budget, brief and specific requirements. To help couples out, we have created this updated list of the top 10 Wedding Photographers in Singapore (2021).

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For now, lets jump into our list of the top 10 wedding photographers in Singapore (2021)!

Mike Chen

Mike Chen Wedding Photography

“On your wedding day, let Mike Chen Photography tell your story”

Mike Chen 2021

Mike Chen is an experienced professional wedding photographer in Singapore with an impressive portfolio of events under his belt. He aims to use photography to tell the complete story of the wedding day. From the morning of preparations to the ceremony itself, Mike aims to capture every emotion to allow the couple to look back on their special day with nostalgia and happiness for years to come. Mike focuses on the use of light In his work to create high-quality images.

Subra Govinda

Originally from Singapore, Subra Govinda serves the wedding photography market both in Singapore and around the world. Due to his travelling experience, Subra boasts a wide cultural knowledge and specialises in South Asian and Western-themed events. This makes Subra Govinda photography the go-to option for all couples who seek traditional, high-quality photography to capture their precious wedding day memories!

Hong Ray

Hong Ray has always been a passionate photographer. A self-taught creative, he started his career in photography through blogging. After the success of his site, he began to take professional jobs from the age of 18. Since then, he has flourished to become a recognised and successful photographer on the Singapore wedding scene.

Hong Ray Photography

Annabel Law

As the founder of Annabel Law Photography (ALP), Annabel has practised professional wedding photography in Singapore since 2009. Since then ALP has gone on to capture memories of over 600 weddings and has an impressive portfolio of projects. Having gained great experience and success in Singapore, Annabel Law Photography has expanded to operate also in Guangzhou China since 2019.

Anabell Law Photography

John Lim

“Perfection. Tradition. Creativity. Practicality.” This is how John Lim defines his approach to Wedding Photography. As a qualified engineer, John’s creative passion is Photography. He has been helping wedding couples create precious memories from their big day since 2003. During his long career, John has been recognised for the high quality of his work, being awarded the First prize by Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI USA) in 2013 for his bridal portraiture.

John Lim Wedding Photography

Chris Chang

Chris Chang works with his team of 5 photographers to capture the memories of wedding celebrations in Singapore and overseas. As the director of the studio ‘Chris Chang Photography‘, he is a well-known name in the world of professional wedding photography in Singapore. Chris aims to capture and celebrate the authentic love experienced by couples on their wedding day and often uses clever angles and lighting to capture the emotion of important moments.

Chris Chang Wedding Photography

Vincent Tay

As a successful and experienced wedding photographer in Singapore, Vincent Tay photographs more than 100 couples every year. He provides photography services to cater to all types of family and couple related events. From the moment of proposal and engagement to the actual wedding day, Vincent can take care of it all! He is also a recognised photographer by the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), being awarded for his work as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore.

Vincent Tay Photography

Daniel Sim

Storyteller first, photographer second‘. This is how Daniel describes the approach to his work. He is always sure to apply his experience and technical skillset to capture the very best moments from wedding celebrations. He believes that a subtle, natural approach is best in wedding photography to capture the unexpected moments of joy during the wedding day. As an experienced professional, Daniel focuses on the use of light and adapts his technique to the environment.

Daniel Sim Photogtraphy

Andri Tei

Andri started his journey with photography during his university years at just 18 years of age as a way to earn additional money. Since then, he has gone on to build a thriving business as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore. His career now spans over 10 years. Andri loves to capture the unexpected moments, the moments of tears and laughter during the wedding day. He finds joy in providing happy couples with precious memories of their special day.

Andri Tei Photography

Wan Jing-

As the main photographer of the studio Knottiesframe, Wan Jing works together with her partner Zack to capture the love shared between couples on their special day. Wan Jing is a visionary who prides herself on coming up with unique shoot ideas such as her signature night shoot sessions (pictured below). If you’re looking for something a little different, Wan Jing and the Knottiesframe team is the option for you!

Wan Jing Photography for

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