Top 5 Creative Content Strategies for 2020

Do you want to be able to create amazing creative content that has an impact? Then you better have an effective content strategy in place. Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind to market your creative content!

Know who you are selling to

First step, make sure you know who you’re selling your content to. What is the age you are selling to? What do they like? Do they know what you do? Where do they live?

There’s never a shortage of research you can do, just do not ever guess or grasp straws! Chances are, you will be wrong. It is key that you do research as even a bit is better than none, research is essential for marketing!

Grab their attention

Remember this. Get their attention, pique their interest, make them want your products and give them a Call to Action. Once you do, your work is already almost done. You spread awareness about what you are selling and give the reasons why your product is good. Put yourself in your consumers’ shoes and show them all the benefits they can get from buying your product or service.

Have a goal

Alongside, make sure you have a clear goal. A clear, concise goal. One that is achievable, realistic, specific. A lot of people set out with a goal only to fail. That happens because their goals are usually based on whims, instead of one that has actually matured and something that can be worked towards.

Is your goal to get your brand more noticed? Or is it to increase your reach? Maybe the content strategy is to show off your brand’s uniqueness?

Don’t overlook SEO

Remember to do SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, when thinking of marketing your content. Both things go hand-in-hand! Knowing how to improve your ranking in search engines is an essential step for any marketing strategy.

Put simply, better search results mean more people are able to find your content. Use keywords to your advantage: not many people will search for results using a proper sentence. Knowing what keywords to include to make your content pop out in a search will do your content wonders.

Keep an eye on your competition

Instead of only watching out for your own business, you should also learn to keep an eye on what other competitors are up to. It’s now just about keeping tabs on what their content strategies are, though. You got to study them so you know what they are currently doing in the market.

You may or may not be able to grab inspiration from what they are doing. After all, uniqueness and originality go a long way! By innovating in your methods and using them in your brand strategy, you are standing out from your competition – no one would have whipped up the same content strategy you did!

Bonus: Promote smartly

Then make sure you promote your content, it is critical that this happens. It wouldn’t be nice if you spent all that time creating it, just for it to end up in dust, would it? Send it out to do its job. You could promote it through your social networks, or a forum, or use paid advertising! Small banners on websites, or on search results like Google Ads can help you quite significantly. Yet, do not bombard your content everywhere. Find out when and where you should be advertising to get the target audience you desire.

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