Top 8 Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Asia

Pre-wedding photography is an important part of capturing one of life’s most significant milestones. Deciding on the location for the pre-wedding photoshoot can be daunting. To help you out, here are our 8 top pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Asia!

#1 Lake Tamblingan, Indonesia

Photographer Arya Krisdyantara, Lake Tamblingan, Indonesia, Klaud9
Photographer Arya Krisdyantara, Indonesia

Located on the north slope of Mount Mortar, the lake was formed when volcanoes caused the area to collapse. It has many opportunities for beautiful wedding photography. Your wedding photographer can take photos of you on a boat, on the platform in the middle of the lake and by the temple. The morning mist it provides the setting for some atmospheric and dramatic pre-wedding photos. You can arrange a wedding photographer to do your photoshoot in the morning to capture it.

#2 Mui Ne, Vietnam

Photographer Karl JK Hedin, Mui Ne sand dunes, Vietnam
Photographer Karl JK Hedin, Vietnam

There’s no need to travel to far away places to take your pre-wedding photos in the desert. The sand dunes at Mui Ne can make remarkable spots for your pre-wedding photos. Mui Ne is a coastal town stretching 15 kilometres along Vietnam’s southern coast, located four hours away from Ho Chi Minh City. Shaped by the coastal winds, sand formations display the beautifully coloured red and white sands.  

#3 Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Photographer Pablo Fierro, Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan
Photographer Pablo Fierro, Japan

This popular forest is also known as the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. It is located in the area north of the Katsura River and Arashiyama in the south. The ethereal green glow from light filtered through the trees makes you feel as if you are in a different world. The soft sound of crickets and swaying trees creates a peaceful environment. This natural wonder is a popular tourist sight, so it can be crowded at times. You should arrange to meet with your wedding photographer early in the morning so you can avoid that.

#4 Hokkaido Flower Fields, Japan

Photographer Tinzije, Hokkiado flower field, Japan, Klaud9
Photographer Tinzije, Japan, Klaud9

Hokkaido is Japan’s second largest and northernmost island. With its spectacular natural landscape and quaint little towns, Hokkaido mkes for a perfect location for pre-wedding photography. Although winters in Hokkaido can fall below zero, the summer temperatures are not too hot or humid. This makes in the perfect environment to grow beautiful fields of flowers, creating the backdrop for dreamy pre-wedding photos. The best time to see all the flowers in bloom is Autumn. Make sure to arrange a shoot with a wedding photographers during this season to fully capture the colours of these flowers.

#5 Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Photographer Todikromo, Mount Bromo, Indonesia, Klaud9
Photographer Todikromo, Indonesia, Klaud9

Located in Eastern Java, Mount Bromo is one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia. You can arrange with your wedding photographer to take your pre-wedding photos at the mountain peak or in the surrounding Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. There are some perfect pre-wedding photo spots here, for instance, the Grassland Savana Bromo, Whispering Sands and Mount Penanjakan.

#6 Nara Deer Park, Japan

Photographer Samuel Berner, Nara Deer Park, Japan
Photographer Samuel Berner, Japan

In the Shinto faith deer are considered to be the god’s messengers. Nara is home to almost 1,200 deer, hundreds of which roam freely in the Nara Deer Park. The large population made them a symbol of Nara and eventually became designated as a natural treasure. In addition to posing with the deer, you could also have your pre-wedding photos taken at the Kasuga Taisha, a Shinto shrine within the park that houses beautiful bronze and stone lanterns donated by worshippers. They are set alight during lantern festivals in February and August. The Park’s garden area is a great place for your wedding photographer to capture the golden hour.

#7 Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macao  

Photographer Yuyeung Lau, Ruins of St Paul's, Macao
Photographer Yuyeung Lau, Macao

Though it doesn’t seem like it upon first glance, the Ruins of St. Paul’s is only a façade. Originally the Church of Mater Dei and St Paul’s College, this iconic landmark was formed when the original structures were destroyed by a fire in 1835. The façade measures 23 metres across and 26 metres high. It features an intriguing assortment of oriental decorations, including biblical images, Chinese characters even several nautical motifs. It is a perfect example of integrating elements influenced by Europe, China and other parts of Asia. This landmark could make a stunning backdrop for your pre-wedding photos. You could have your wedding photographer take the photos at sunset to capture the structure’s true drama.

#8 Osaka Castle, Japan

Photographer Gilly, Osaka Castle, Japan
Photographer Gilly, Japan

Osaka Castle is an iconic landmark of the city. It went through cycles of built, destroyed, rebuilt for over 500 years. The structure today resembles the original exterior and now houses a museum inside. The surrounding garden consists of 2 square kilometres of verdant lawns and blossoming tress. It contains over a thousand ume, plum blossom trees. They bloom in late winter, just around a month before the 600 sakura trees blossom in early spring. The castle and its surroundings offer many different spots for  your wedding photographer to capture you pre-wedding photos.

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