Top Video Marketing Trends for 2022

Video content trends have gained immense popularity over the past decade. In fact, marketers are embracing this to communicate their main messages to their audience, as well as to strengthen their marketing startegy. Have a look at these interesting insights!

In 2021, 86% of the businesses said that they used video as a marketing tool. Moreover, 93% of brands admitted that video content was a critical point in their digital marketing strategy. In 2022, 59% of marketers reported that utilising video marketing has resulted in positive ROI. Furthermore, 58% of content creators plan to incorporate video content in their marketing strategies. Such statistics indicate that utilising videos as part of the company’s marketing strategy brings along benefits and success.

Photographer Ruthson Zimmerman, laptop, statistics, bar chats, pie charts, Klaud9
Photographer Ruthson Zimmerman, Klaud9

These statistics are a result of the high demand from consumers for video content. Research indicates that more than 80% of consumers are convinced to buy a product after watching a video. Additionally, they are twice as likely to share video content as opposed to any other online content created by marketers.

As a matter of fact, video marketing can be used by marketers to achieve goals in all the stages of the Marketing funnel. This includes increasing brand awareness, boosting engagement, and finally improving results and conversions. Since video marketing is continuously evolving, we are sharing some of the most interesting global video insights and trends for marketers and creators to follow and implement in their content strategies.

Trend 1: It’s a mobile-first world

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Photographer Robin Worrall, Klaud9

Nowadays, most people watch videos on their phones. This trend, combined with the rise of social media platforms on mobiles, has led to a boom in video content in the past years. Therefore, for businesses looking to build an online presence, it is essential to consider mobile optimisation. It means that all content should be mobile-friendly. If not, potential customers will lose interest immediately and turn their attention elsewhere. This should be one of the top-priority trends that marketers and content creators should follow.

Trend 2: Shorter videos are better

Photographer Aaron Weiss, TikTok, TikTok videos, Klaud9
Photographer Aaron Weiss, Klaud9

One of the main success factors of the social media platform, TikTok, was its ability to allow its users to upload short videos. Shortly after TikTok’s success, other social media platforms followed. YouTube released Shorts, Instagram released Reel, and other social media platforms now allow the Stories features. This allows users to upload short causal videos with relatively low effort. At the same time, stories offer high engagement and interactivity though Q&A features, polls, etc. 

Trend 3: Live streaming

Photographer Nathan Dumlao, video, live video, live streaming, Klaud9
Photographer Nathan Dumlao, Klaud9

This trend especially spiked during the pandemic. Live streams brought people together. One could attend concerts or weddings from their homes. Moreover, it allowed businesses, from small start-ups to larger brands to continue connecting with their consumers. Nowadays, live videos are popularly being used by influencers to promote products. Live streaming what is happening in your business is a great way to engage with the audience in real-time. For example, on Facebook, users watch live videos three times longer than pre-recorded videos, while live content also generates six times more interactions than any other type of video content. It also allows marketers to quickly get viewer’s opinions and answer questions. For these reasons, live streaming should be at the top of the list of video marketing priorities.

Trend 4: Smartphone video content

Photographer Nicolas Solerieu, video, smartphone, Klaud9
Photographer Nicolas Solerieu, Klaud9

Nowadays, video marketing does not require expensive equipment and a big production budget. On the contrary, brands are turning to smartphones to create more relatable and authentic video content. Brands are realising that this kind of real-life video content resonates more with consumers. Additionally, social media influencers have mastered the art of smartphone video content; TikToks, vlogs, sponsored ads, etc. 

Trend 5: Search-optimised videos

Photographer Benjamin Dada, search engine, Google, Klaud9
Photographer Benjamin Dada, Klaud9

Videos optimised for search are still a new idea in the marketing world. Research found that videos are 53 times more likely to generate first-page rankings when compared to other traditional SEO techniques. Using videos to optimise search engine results requires focus on three main areas: 

  1. Relevance – all videos should have a clear goal in mind. Furthermore, videos should be relevant to your target audience by answering their questions, educating them, and raising interest.
  2. Consistency – consistency is key to boost rankings. This includes creating frequent videos and publishing them on the company’s website to boost traffic. 
  3. Backend optimisation – these include title tags, keywords in description, choosing appropriate thumbnail images, and responding to comments. 

Trend 6: Vlogs

Photographer Taan Huyn, video, vlog, personal, brand, Klaud9
Photographer Taan Huyn, Klaud9

Vlogs, also known as video blogs, are efficient ways to tell the brand’s story and develop the brand’s personality. These help consumers understand better who the brand is and its goals. Additionally, vlogs are also increasingly being used instead of the traditional blogs, so it’s essential for brands to follow this video marketing trend.

Trend 7: AR/VR Videos

Photographer Patrick Schneider, Augmented reality, virtual reality, AR, VR, Klaud9
Photographer Patrick Schneider, Klaud9

Although Augmented and Virtual Reality content has been around for a while, it’s finally being considered as an effective video marketing technology to be used by brands. This is because technology is becoming more accessible and at the same time, consumers are demanding more interactive content. AR and VR video content is being utilised by a variety of industries. Although such video content will never replace the in-person experience, it’s definitely a key trend for video marketers. 

Trend 8: Silent videos

Photographer Brett Jordan, facebook, social media, icon, Klaud9
Photographer Brett Jordan, Klaud9

The trend of silent video content has drastically increased in the past few years. In fact, marketers are specifically creating video content to be watched silently. Interestingly, 85% of Facebook videos are watched silently, mainly because people watch videos on their smartphones in public places. Therefore, optimizing the video for silent viewing might be an effective way to actually increase viewership.

Trend 9: User-Generated Content (UGC)

Photographer Josh Rose, UGC, user generated content, customer reviews, Klaud9
Photographer Josh Rose, Klaud9

It is a known fact that consumers trust more user-generated content than branded content. Have alook at some UGC statistics that every marketer should know:
85% think UGC is more trustworthy than branded content
68% find UGC more authentic and appealing than other product images
To follow this trend, marketers should partner up with customers to act as brand advocates. This requires customers to generate video content on their own social media channels, while talking about your brand. UGC eventually builds consumer trust and influences purchasing decisions. Furthermore, producing effective UGC also requires selecting brand advocates in a smart way. This might involve offering incentives, work with influencers, etc.

Trend 10: Support videos with compelling content

Photographer Georgia de Lotz, Klaud9

Brands need to understand that although the video content trend is hugely effective, it cannot be posted on its own. Video content has to be backed up with compelling and interesting content that compliments the video.

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