Unique Event Photography in Jakarta

 Making your events last

Jakarta offers a number of venues and services to help you host a top-notch event. But what about ensuring that the best moments of your event are captured forever? That’s where a professional photographer specialized in events comes in.

Considering all the work, time, and financial investment that goes into planning and organizing a successful event, having quality photos documenting it all is a must.

Regardless of what type of event you are in charge of – from corporate meetings to product launches and even social celebrations – it is essential to offer your attendees photos to remember the night by.

Each exhibition, gathering, seminar, or conference is unique; bringing together a particular set of people for a limited amount of time. Photography services are the best way of ensuring that the significance of your event in Indonesia is not lost after it is over.

Besides, event photography (and videography) is complex and demands a specific skill set.

Although there are many talented professional photographers in Indonesia; finding the right match with an event photographer can be a lot more troublesome. Due to the number of people and the dynamic nature of events, with multiple things happening at the same time; it takes an experienced photographer to cut through the clutter and snap the perfect photos.

Finding the perfect event photographer for your needs
A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye. – Roger Kingston

Klaud9; has worked with businesses such as IDG, HubSpot, and Plug and Play in order to source the best local event photographers for their specific needs. In fact; Indonesia hosted one of the Plug and Play’s corporate events, which took place in 5 main hubs in Asia. 

The goal was to offer complete video and photographic coverage of the event in all 5 locations. We were able to quickly connect Plug and Play to professional who delivered outstanding results, generating high-quality visual content for marketing and PR campaigns. 

When I photograph, what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things. – Wynn Bullock

How can you be sure to find the best local photographer to capture all the crucial moments of your event? Klaud9 is the easiest and quickest way to connect with highly qualified professionals in Jakarta.

An innovative AI-powered platform, Klaud9 works with clients around the world, helping businesses scale their photoshoots in 24 hours.

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