Unmissable Wonders of South East Asia

Have you ever wanted to travel to South East Asia but have been always unsure of where exactly to travel to? Or maybe you think that there isn’t much more left to explore? Think again! There are quite the number of hidden gems located in this subregion that is filled with diversity, what if maybe you were just looking at the wrong places?

What are the more hidden tourist attractions that can be found around this region? Inside each country hides an attraction that is not as well known, and some of them, maybe people just did not look hard enough to find them. With some of Klaud9’s picks, we hope you are ready to discover the world once more.

Doi Luang National Park, Thailand

Beautiful sunrise at Doi Ma Taman mountaintop camping siteDoi Luang summit by phichak – download here

Explore the nature of Thailand in its national park, filled with wildlife such as wild boars and flying lemurs. If you are lucky enough, According to My Chiang Mai Tour, the park is said to have bears and big cats as well. As you trek through nature, seek out the park’s various waterfalls. Alongside the waterfalls, the park also contains a cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites. Once you reach the 1,640 meters high mountaintop during your hike, you may camp out for the night amongst the stars. You definitely could fill up your love of exploration right here!

Ban Gioc – Detian waterfall, Vietnam

medium_df49f1b4_kld-2008jpgBan Gioc – Detian waterfall by KENHO – download here

Does the waterfall have towering pressure? We certainly feel it does. Be dwarfed by the largest waterfall that can be found in Asia! As written in TripZilla, it is 70 meters wide and 21 meters high. You need to experience this without being plagued by high traffics of tourism while you still can because we found out the place still does not get many travelers. Boats can take you nearer to the fall, but be ready for splashes so great that you will definitely get wet. As it straddles the border between Vietnam and China, you can also take a visit from China.

Mrauk U, Myanmar

medium_b9f57929ca702e658ec70408f73f70c9_blobMrauk U pagodas by Supreetkaur – download here

Seek out the ancient pagodas of the historic Mrauk U kingdom, also known as the “stone city” due to all 1552 of its centuries-old pagodas being made from stone. Although as you can see in the photo, it seems like a rural place and looks hard to get to. It’s only accessible by an effort combining both flight and riverboat. Around the area, find the villages and its inhabitants and be surprised as you find one with women that have kept on the tradition of tattooing their faces! Still a very hidden attraction of Myanmar, we recommend you visit while the peace is not plagued by the crowds!

Belitung Island, Indonesia

White lighthouse standing on an island in Belitung at daytime suLighthouse of Belitung Island by Todikromo – Download here

The “Maldives of Indonesia” houses a very old lighthouse made during and using the architectural knowledge of the Dutch Colonial times. It is found on one of its many offshore islands that you will visit while island hopping. During that experience will also feature a time for you to snorkel. It also seems to have really calm waters with no waves and rather white beaches as seen above. And there is also an accidental man-made lake after its abandonment by miners, named Danau Kaolin. According to TripCanvas, the lake was formed after being filled up with rainwater which features water bluer than the skies and minerals as white as you can imagine from the photo above.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

medium_38a36c8e99766deaa21471c1a577f044_img-6846jpgTonle Sap of Siem Reap by Kathrinerajalingam – Download here

Numerous people have visited Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat that features exquisite architecture. However, less would have roamed around the various other attractions within and around Siem Reap. There’s a key location of Cambodia that features lots of tourist facilities, the floating villages around Tonle Sap. Have you been there? It is a great lake that connects to the Mekong River, there are a total of 4 floating villages and is not to be mistaken for the Siem Reap River. This great lake can be found near Siem Reap. And if you take some time to travel out of Siem Reap, you will find yourself visiting Phnom Kulen National Park of Siem Reap province, feasting your eyes on its waterfalls at the mountaintop among other activities.

Vang Vieng, Laos

medium_a399e7b1d39194badd773d4b4ac5e1de_img-20170430-174137jpgNam Song River of Van Vieng by Poui2388 – Download here

Venture out into Van Vieng, a small town by the Nam Song River and is a paradise for adventure. For starters, various caves can be found around Van Vieng. To name a few, find Tham Phu Kham with its lagoon to swim in and its golden Buddha statue. Another is named Tham Nam, a cave filled with water throughout that you can only explore and enter using tubes! And on the river, you can do various activities like kayaking. There are so many activities, even I think I can spend a whole month here!

Batu Caves, Malaysia

medium_a16e801e629c0d8733b1e7efa2a068a5_rjs-0603jpgInside one of the caves by ravijohnsmith – Download here

With amazing Hindu arts and known as the most popular Hindu shrine outside of India, Batu Caves features 3 main caves and many smaller ones. Scale all 272 steep steps, and you find yourself at the biggest one, known as the Temple Cave or Cathedral Cave, it features a high ceiling and ornate Hindu shrines. Located outside the Batu Caves is a 42.7 meters tall statue of the Hindu Deity, Murugan. Aside from its attractions, macaques, fruit bats, and mega-bats have been known sightings around the caves as well, so be on the lookout! There are also rock climbing activities for adventure-seeking people out there. If you always wanted an educational trip while being able to fulfill a thrill, go seek out the Batu Caves.

With these amazing marvels of South East Asia, you will renew your interest in traveling to this region again. Just from our stock photos, you can see what you might have been missing out on. There are many more amazing places waiting to be discovered and you just need to know where to look.

And when you do, go out and take some photos! Shoot whatever you have witnessed and experienced, spread the word and tell the world what you have discovered. If you ever need a platform to share your photographs, Klaud9 can be a place for you to share your Asia photos and spread your joy!

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