Consumers today are more aware and informed than ever before. The balance of power has shifted from companies to consumers. All thanks to the amount of information that is readily available at their disposal. Understanding who the buyer is and the journey they go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product is extremely crucial to be successful in sales. 

Video has already proved itself to be the king of content. With the resources we have at our disposal today, creating tailored videos that cater to different segments is not very challenging. Moreover, according to a study published by Cisco, 82% of internet traffic will be online videos. This clearly shows the potential of such content. Here are some ways you can utilise video content to improve your buyer’s journey. 

Three stages of a buyer's journey. Awareness, consideration and decision stage. Klaud9

Awareness Stage 

The awareness stage refers to when the consumer realises the problem or pain they are facing and their goal is to solve these problems. So, for this stage, a brand should create video content that focuses on educating the consumer about their product or service. This can include how-to videos or explainer videos. These videos should talk about the consumer pain point. Moreover, through video content, your company should promote services that you offer to overcome these pain points and spark interest in the consumer’s mind. The metrics that can be used to understand the success of these videos can be the action rate and share rate.

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Consideration Stage 

The consideration phase is when the consumer knows the problem he/she is facing and is  committed to finding ways to solve it. A brand’s goal at this point should be to show through a video how its product or service is different from that of its competitor. Additionally, you should also focus on finding your right segment and targeting them in a way that helps build a strong relationship. Videos like product reviews or culture videos can definitely  help your brand stand out from competitors. 

Moreover, such videos give consumers the chance to better understand the values of the brand that they are going to do business with. Also, it humanises the brand and displays the  pure passion that is put by the entire team into creating a great product/service.

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Decision Stage 

At this stage, your potential customer already knows about your brand and your competition. He/She is ready to choose the product or service that they are willing to pay for. This is the time when your brand should focus on making videos that establish a relationship with the client. This can be done by differentiating and standing out in the crowd. You need to assure the prospect that your brand has the best possible solution for their problem. Additionally, videos like success stories, reviews, and case studies can help gain this last bit of trust and show the impact you have had on your past customers. 

Video content undoubtedly is extremely valuable for your marketing content. However, the most important aspect of creating the right content is understanding your buyer’s journey extremely well. Furthermore, you must not forget to go that extra mile to thank your customers and remind them why they should keep coming back to your brand.   

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