Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime event full of spontaneous laughter and unforgettable moments that we cherish for the rest of our lives. Such experiences deserve to be kept forever and shared with our loved ones to create stories that brighten our lives. You can achieve this by capturing these moments in lovely photographs.

The quality and experience of wedding photographer you choose for this day is very important. The wedding photographers will capture memories with your partner and family in tangible form on what will be the best day of your life. Here is a list of wedding photographers in Singapore, with their rates, who can help you achieve this.

Mike Chen Photography

Couple on a wedding photoshoot, Photograph by wedding photographer M. Chen, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: M. Chen, Klaud9

Wedding photographer Mike Chen with his eye for detail and experience in the field will perfectly capture the love between you and your partner amidst the roller coaster of emotions on your big day. He will capture you in the best lighting in the most natural way – all in hopes that you will relax and enjoy your special day. He aims to preserve the precious and personal moments so that you can fondly remember them in the years to come. This wedding photographer charges around $2000 for a five-hour shoot.


Bride hugging bridesmaid at her  wedding, Photograph by wedding photographer AndroidsinBoots , Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: AndroidsinBoots, Klaud9

If you want your personalities to shine in your wedding photographs, then wedding photographer AndroidsinBoots should be your go to choice. They will capture all of your honest emotions from laughs to tears. Additionally, if you also want a documentation of the celebration with your loved ones, they also have videography services. For 10 hours of their photography/ videography service they charge around $2500 – $3000.


Couple on a wedding photoshoot in nature, Photograph by wedding photographer TLGraphy, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: TLGraphy, Klaud9

Wedding photographer TLGraphy believes that seeing satisfied brides and grooms is the greatest gift of all. Their whole team works towards one goal which is to ensure that you and your partner enjoy a seamless wedding journey. They like to build a connection with their clients by getting to know them personally in order to build confidence. This way the bride and the groom will have nothing to worry about on their actual wedding day. This wedding photographer will give you the best value for price. With an average turnover time of 2 weeks, they charge around $1100 for a six-hour shoot.

Bobby Kiran Photography

Couple on a wedding photoshoot, boy kissing the girl, Photograph by wedding photographer A. Ang, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: A. Ang, Klaud9

Wedding photographers at Bobby Kiran Photography focus on unveiling the most beautiful moment of your wedding say. They capture intricate emotions and candid smiles. Every wedding photo clicked by them will unveil the romantic setting with true emotions. They charge approximately $2000 for a five-hour shoot.

Depth of Tales

Couple pouring champagne on their wedding day, Photograph by wedding photographer M.Lim, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: M.Lim, Klaud9

Wedding photographer Matthew Lim from Depth of Tales can put the shyest of couple feel thoroughly at ease. Being a fine art wedding photographer capturing even the little details like your engagement ring resting on the invitation suite, a glimpse of your shoes is at the heart of his work. Matthew understands that every wedding is different and so he works towards bringing out that uniqueness in a timeless style. For a 5 hour shoot this wedding photographer will charge you around $1500.

Dapper Pictures

Couple in a wedding photoshoot, Photograph by wedding photographer Kevin, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: Kevin, Klaud9

Multiple International award-winning wedding photographer Kevin from Dapper Pictures feels the happiest when he is working with couples and getting to know their love story. He has shot for multiple celebrities including David Foster and Jay Park. Moreover, his work has also been published in multiple magazines like Her word, Singapore Tatler and Prestige. Dapper Pictures will charge you approximately $1500 for a 5-hour wedding photoshoot.

“We capture every meaningful detail of your beautiful matrimony, the most precious, intimate and timeless moments of you and your loved ones celebrating the most important day of your life.”


wedding venue, Photograph by wedding photographer H.Ray, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: H.Ray, Klaud9

Wedding photographer Hong Ray has over 12 years of photography experience. He not only will be a photographer for your wedding but also a friend who will help you get memorable photos as per your wishes. Hang is great at foreseeing significant moments at your wedding and making them immortal. This wedding photographer charges around $2300 for a 6 hour wedding photoshoot.

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