Wedding photography trends for 2022

Couples depend on wedding photographers to capture the most important day of their lives. No pressure to all wedding photographers out there! We always recommend that you give your wedding photographer a brief of what you want. This should include everything from a list of group photos to the style of photography. Without a brief, the photographer won’t know what you want. Collaborating with a professional wedding photographer means that you don’t have to worry about capturing photos on the day. Meaning that there is one less thing to worry about! If you’re a little stuck for ideas for your wedding photography, have a read of this article. Here are our wedding photography trends for 2022.

‘Will you marry me?’

women being proposed to by man
Photo by Omer Karakus

With the rise in popularity of gender reveal and baby shower photography, proposal shots have become a must too. As some may say that the proposal is the start of the wedding journey, it’s an important moment to capture. Collaborating with the same professional wedding photographer for you proposal and wedding photos could be a good idea. The photographer will understand you better as a couple and provide you with your dream wedding photography. You could even take it one step further by hiring a videographer to capture the moment too. If you want to stay on top of the trends, make sure you capture the proposal!

Selfie shots

groomsmen taking a selfie
Photo by Jakob Owens

Thanks to smartphones, everyone is taking selfies. Therefore, it is no surprise that this is a trend in 2022. You can incorporate selfie style photos, where guests take selfies to capture the day. Or alternatively, photographers can capture guests taking selfies. Both shots are a great unique addition to your wedding photography.

Capturing the first look

bridesmaids seeing the bride in her dress for the first time
Photo by Joeyy Lee

We love this trend! It’s so heartwarming to see the emotions and faces. Whether the photographer is capturing the bridesmaids, father or mother of the bride or even the groom, its a great photo to capture. Whilst it’s a little untraditional for the groom to see you before the wedding ceremony, capturing the first look privately creates incredible photos. Or even the first look on the alter would be a great photo too.


videographer capturing groom and bride
Photo by Chris Ainsworth

It’s not all about wedding photography anymore, couples are loving wedding videos too. Videos allow a more realistic insight into the day. Using cool techniques such as drones can allow videographers to create exclusive clips of your day. Using both professional photographers and videographers is a great idea for your wedding. They can provide a mixture of content and perhaps one of the them might miss what the other captured. In a sense, you’re doubly covered! Photography is great for capturing those still moments. But videography can transport you back to the day. It’s also a great memoir to send to your guests or even post on your social media!

Documentary style

Following on from the previous point, documentary style videos are a huge wedding trend for 2022. Full of scenic panoramas and shots of guests, this style creates a dreamy and romantic feel. It’s a great trend for couples who are wanting a more relaxed and informal photography/videography style. Documentary style content captures the the beautiful and priceless moments without being too forced.

Editorial style portraits

Editorial shot of brides veil
Photo by Jonathan Borba

With weddings becoming more and more fashion-based, photos are becoming more editorial too. The dress is an important aspect of the day. And therefore, so should the photos. Whilst editorial style portraits aren’t the most natural, they can help you create your perfect wedding photos. You could even take it one step further by channeling the designer of your dress into your portraits for a more editorial look.

old Hollywood flash

bride and groom entering the reception
Photo by Andreas Ronning

You don’t have to stick to one photography style for the whole day. Why not try an ‘old hollywood’ style for your wedding photos at night. The night is always more energetic, youthful and fun. This style will definitely suit the night! Using flash to photograph guests on the dance floor, having fun, chatting, etc will create a glamorous and romantic effect. We love this trend as it emphasises the moral and atmosphere during the day.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to wedding photography. You need to put a lot of trust into your professional photographer so why not create a detailed list of all the scenes you want during the day. Make sure you take a read of our ultimate wedding photography shoot list.

To create the perfect wedding photos and videos, you need a professional wedding photographer and videographer. At Klaud9, we have a wide network of talented wedding photographers that can help you create your ideal photos. To find our more about our service, click here.

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