What clients are actually looking for in a photographer portfolio

As we look through hundreds of photographer portfolios every month, we thought it would be a good idea to share our advice and guidance on what clients are actually looking for in a photographer portfolio. Whilst you want to show off your creativity, you need to bear in mind the real reason as to why you have a photographer portfolio! We’ve collated a few ideas that can hopefully come in useful when you put together your photographer portfolio. And with these tips I’m sure that you’re inbox will be full in no time!


lots of photos to show the need for variety
Photo by Jon Tyson

This first suggestion is probably the most important of them all! Clients want to see variety in every aspect possible; whether it’s the type of photos you take, if they are portrait or vertical, various angles, lighting styles and the list goes on. The wider the variety of photos, the better the idea the client has on your experience, expertise and knowledge. It’s important to show clients your versatility as you never know, they could ask you to do another project!

how many is too many?

We don’t recommend putting up all your photos. Firstly, it can seem extremely overwhelming for clients to look at and secondly, clients won’t have enough time to scroll through all your photos. Linking back to the previous point, just ensure that you have at least a few photos showcasing various angles and expertise, for example. There is not a cap on numbers for photographer portfolios so don’t go overboard. Find a happy medium which isn’t the bare minimum or too much.

up-to-date content

There’s nothing worse than seeing old/out-of-fashion photos on a photographer portfolio. Like with anything, first impressions can be a dealbreaker so make sure your photographer portfolio is always up-to-date for that professional touch. We recommend uploading new photos every 1-2months or even after an exciting project that you have shot.

define your speciality

Photographer shooting nature photo, camera balanced on wood and by hand
Photo by Christof W

Focusing in on your speciality is a good trait to have. Whilst it may be beneficial to know how to shoot all sorts of categories, sometimes honing in on one or two means that you can produce higher quality images and gain a better understanding of your area of expertise. Usually when clients search for a photographer, they always search for an area of expertise e.g. food, real estate or portrait so it might be useful to have this in your domain.

knowledge & experience

Clients look for experienced and talented photographers. Whilst photos can show a wealth of experience, it’s good to have it in black and white too. Think outside the box in demonstrating your knowledge and experience in photography. For example; showcase a blog on your website, mention photography courses you have completed, share brands you have worked with etc. These are only some ideas, but we highly recommend that you incorporate examples of knowledge into your photographer portfolio.

contact details

neon light hello sign in speech bubble hanging on the wall
Photo by Adam Solomon

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to search high and low for contact details! After all your hard work in creating an amazing photographer portfolio, you don’t want the client to not be able to contact you! Make sure you create an easy and accessible page with your location, email and telephone number. Social media accounts are also extremely useful to have. Some photographers like to use contact forms on their websites so that clients can email directly from their page.

make use of platforms

person holding ipad with social media buttons to show possible social media platforms
Photo by Nordwood Theme

The majority of professional photographers have a website showcasing their photography portfolio. However, branch out and use social media platforms to also exhibit your photos. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are a hub of many contacts and can be a great way of finding new clients. From a client point of view, we always check if photographers have social media as its another platform to showcase photos. Think of social media as an online gallery, as you can post as much of your content as you want!

We hope this has given you some food for thought. Whilst there is not set rules for a successful photographer profile, we believe these tips can help you out. Ensure that your photography portfolio is reachable and accessible whilst showing your best photos! It can be tough as a professional photographer so a great portfolio can go a long way to acquire more clients!

If you want to further market your photography business, click here for ways to market your photography business in 5 easy steps. A great photographer portfolio goes hand in hand with a robust marketing strategy. Without promoting your business, no one will be able to appreciate the lengths you have gone to create a great photographer portfolio!

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