What Does Andrew Say About the Klaud9 On Demand Branded Platform?

Andrew Who?

Andrew has taken photos since the age of 17. It was back in those days when photographers were still using film. He traveled a lot by himself and always brought his camera along. Basically, he developed his creativity on the streets and sharpened his eyes finding great objects for his lens.

Andrew is an experienced photographer based in Jakarta. Like many photographers out there, he’s most passionate about capturing people. But, what makes him different is his versatility to shoot people in various kind of settings — streets, outdoor, or portraits. He shoots a variety of genres, from lifestyle, product, weddings, to stock photos. He is currently using Canon 6D and Sony A7 for work and Nikon F3 for travel.

We were lucky that Andrew shared his most memorable photography experience, shooting photos of Indonesia’s Former Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs named Gen Luhut Panjaitan at his residence. It was an assignment for a luxury lifestyle content creator Indonesia Tatler in 2016. “It wasn’t easy as we had to wait for a while to get clearance and had little time to set up the lights and the backdrops. Plus I wasn’t sure how I would hold myself together in front of him as he’s not only a high ranking government official, he’s also a well-respected war hero”, told Andrew. We already knew that successful people tend to be down-to-earth. But, we were still impressed with how down-to-earth Andre was in our interview.

… Plus I wasn’t sure how I would hold myself together in front of him as he’s not only a high ranking government official, he’s also a well-respected war hero – Andrew


Download Andrew’s stock photos here

And what on earth is an On Demand Branded Platform??

Andrew started his journey on Klaud9’s platform as Stock and On Demand photographer in November. It was the first time he had embraced technology for his photo shoots. Keep on reading to know what he says about Klaud9 On Demand Branded Platform!

1. How did you first hear about Klaud9 On demand Branded Platform?

I was referred to Klaud9 by a photographer friend. He told me about a new online platform that was looking for photographers to create visual content in a very short time frame and upload them then online for clients to select them quickly for their marketing campaign.

2. How do you find the combination of technology and photography, the fact that you can get in the future photo shoot assignments through a platform?

We now live in a borderless world so this is definitely something we all should be excited about.

3. In the US and Europe photographers and creatives get photo shoot assignments through platforms like Klaud9 On demand Branded Platform. Do you think Indonesian photographers will embrace technology to get more photo shoot assignments in the future?

I believe we are open for a change with a new system as long as it enables us to work efficiently and meet the client’s expectations.

4. You have just finalized your first Klaud9 On Demand photo shoot assignment for a great global brand, how was your experience in comparison to the traditional photo shoots? Was it faster? Easier?

It was an efficient experience, I like the fact we can save a lot of time for meetings, and avoid Jakarta traffic. In the beginning, I was a bit conscious as neither the client nor the agency was present at the shoot. However, I was shooting following a very detailed online brief launched by the client which made it quite easy for me to follow. The client set a deadline for me to produce the photos which gave me the flexibility to organize myself better according to my own schedule. After the shoot, I uploaded within seconds high res photos and the client selected the photos he liked online. I didn’t have to send any links and emails with low res photos which was great. It saved me a lot of time. It’s a matter of getting used to a new platform but I’m learning fast and hope to get many more projects online. It was a positive experience.

5. What did you like about the platform or the new value proposition for photographers and videographers in the region?

I liked the fact Klaud9 is really trying to reduce manual processes by making sure that the briefs are very clear and online.

6. Do you see yourself participating more in these type of quick assignments?

Certainly. Look forward to the next project.

Klaud9 On Demand Branded Platform is an exclusive platform that was created to reduce manual and tedious processes when launching Photo briefs. We help clients to scale their photo shoots quicker through technology.  There’s a growing demand for imagery due to increasing social media and digital marketing campaigns. People recall 65% of visual content up to 3 days later [read more here].

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Scale your photo shoots with technology. Klaud9.com is Asia’s fastest growing photographer community showcasing the latest and best work of talented local photographers. If you are a photographer or a client and want to start your journey with Klaud9 On Demand platform, contact us directly today!

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