What is photo retouching and why is it essential to your business?

So, what is photo retouching and why is it essential to your business? Photo retouching means eliminating all of the imperfections from a photo. Whether it’s blemish removal, tone correction, contrast, colour correction. This is slightly different to photo enhancing and photo editing. Photo enhancing is improving the overall look of the image and photo editing involves cropping images or correcting colour and tones. Whilst they all are very similar, it’s important you use the right term so that you get the end result you want. All talented photographers will alter their images in one way of another. It isn’t used as a tool to disguise bad work. By using professional photographers they can help you both create and retouch your visual content.

Here are some reasons why photo retouching is essential to your business:

Improve branding

man on computer editing photos and branding images
Photo by Faizur Rehman

Photo retouching can help maintain branding, improving brand recognition and recall. Using the same tones and saturations can help give your brand a signature style. This can also help set you apart from your competitors. The great thing about visual content is that you can use it on multiple channels and social platforms. With the same photo retouching, consumers will be able to recognise your brand amongst all marketing channels. For example, if you brand exudes a vintage style, you can add some grain or make it black and white. This will provide a distinct look and feel to your photos.

business credibility and reputation

Consumers will always base their brand loyalty and trust in a company on their marketing presence. If you are posting low-quality, blurry and unprofessional images then consumers are less likely to buy from you. Not only because the visual content is enticing, but also due to business credibility. That’s why photo retouching can help make your images look professional, expensive and high-quality. To boost your business credibility and reputation, it is definitely worth spending extra money for photo retouching.

social media engagement

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Photo by Adem AY

Higher quality and aesthetically pleasing photos increase user engagement on social media platforms. This is especially important for visual rich platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. Increase in social media engagement can increase the popularity and traffic to your company. Social media engagement is particularly important if you are an online brand as high quality visual content is a large factor of online presence.

beneficial for product photography

Product photography is essential for any business, whether its food, real estate or a product itself. You need a high quality visual content to sell your business idea. To make it even more enticing and competitive, photo retouching can add a professional touch. Did you know 84% of consumers base their purchase decision from photos when shopping online. This shows how important photo retouching is, as you need to ensure that consumers are sold just from the photo alone. Photo retouching can help to focus on specific areas of the product or highlight important aspects.

Image manipulation

Photo retouching is a great way to add branding, logos, text, etc to your visual content. You can manipulate images to meet the needs of consumers. This is a great way to draw consumers in and generate traffic to your marketing channel. Whether you are manipulating the image to attract the consumer or to follow branding, it will definitely help business prospects.

If you need inspiration for photography ideas to begin with, head to our blog for 10 unique product photography ideas to boost your sales. Combining these ideas with photo retouching, we can guarantee that you’ll see a rise in your sales. We cannot express the importance of differentiating yourself from competitors. So, with these two articles, we are giving you the recipe for success for your business.

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