What Klaud9’s Approvals Team are Really Looking for & How to Get Your Content Approved

One of Klaud9‘s main goals is to build a visual content community that allows any enthusiastic photographer and videographer to feel engaged and inspired. Nevertheless, Klaud9 also needs to maintain our quality standards so we can deliver the visual content to our clients’ expectations.

If you’ve been wondering what Klaud9’s approvals team are really looking for when they’re approving your content, check out our latest blog article, written for anyone who wants to upload to Klaud9’s visual content platform.

Below we have outlined what our approvals team are looking for and what should be kept in mind when uploading visual content to Klaud9.

1. Watermarks in Images

We know how important it is to get recognition for your creations. Good news is Klaud9 can help you with that! However, we can not help you sell your content if you have added your own watermark. Don’t worry though, Klaud9 is protecting you with our watermark that is integrated into our cool platform.

2. Noise in Image 

Klaud9‘s diligent approvals team can not neglect excessive noise in visuals. Whether in the forms of graininess or speckles, none of them will get past our approvals team! The most recognizable noise is on the area with the same color, such as the sky and the ocean. Luckily, we can learn from Light Stalking to overcome this issue. To minimalize the noise, you can shoot at low ISO, reduce shutter speed, utilize the in-camera noise reduction feature, and do post-processing.

3. Blurry Images

Similar to noise, blurriness can be distracting in visuals. Thus, Klaud9’s meticulous approvals team has to eliminate any blurred or pixelated images. At first glance, it can be difficult to see quite how blurry an image is. We have to zoom in on the image to more than 200% to see it. This is essential because Klaud9‘s future client may want to use your visuals on large outdoor or printed media. A few tips from Blurb to help you get the sharpest photos are; avoiding high ISO setting, avoiding the use of low-resolution images, using a tripod with a remote shutter release, and keeping your eye focus.

4. Adequate Quality

Have you browsed through our marketplace? If you haven’t, do it NOW. There is a huge trend going on in the visual content world and it is changing fast. Clients are looking toward natural, eye-pleasing, and beautiful visuals (Hint: no cheesy and awkward poses). More than that, the dominance of the internet and social media are turning the visual content landscape into an even more fierce battlefield. Photos with bad composition and lighting will certainly not make it past our approvals team!

5. Model Release

When do you need to attach a model release? Every time you upload a photo that has humans in it. The subject(s) of your photo must have consented that their photo can be used for commercial usage. Go to our website to download a model release form and learn more about this.

6. Brands in Images

The marketplace is a paradise for royalty-free photos and we want to keep it this way. We want to provide buyers with visuals that are flexible and for multiple usages. Unfortunately, brands are everywhere and will very likely make it into the photos and videos you capture. The secret formula for passing this requirement is editing software. There are unlimited ways and unlimited tools to do this, but to give you an idea, you can watch a short tutorial here.

7. Originality & Variety

Our rigorous approvals team receive hundreds of visuals every day and many of them can be too similar. The more similar photos exist, the lesser the likelihood they will be chosen for purchase by our clients. Remember, the competition is tough and everybody wants to stand out!

8. Review Time

We highly value quality. Thus, we make sure all of the reviewing processes are done by a professional. If you wonder how long the reviewing process takes, we can let you know! Only 3-7 days depending on the volume of submission.

We want to maximise contributors positive experience on Klaud9.com, so all of the steps above are essential considerations in the approval process. Our hope is that through the continuous learning process, we all can grow as the best visual content community.

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