What Photos Do I Need for My Hotel?

When marketing your hotel or trying to close bookings online, photos are your best allies. People are looking for a comfortable, clean and pleasant experience when staying away from home. Showcase these qualities and more to sway them in your favour.

Quantity is an important factor to consider in this case. The more photos you have available, the more potential guests will feel assured that the experience will meet their expectations. So if you are planning your Hotel photoshoot, aim for volume as well as variety. 

Realistically, high quality photos should be able to transport guests to your establishment even before they book. It should reflect accurately how the experience of staying in your hotel looks and feels like. For this reason, make sure your photos provide a complete picture of the experience!

By following this guide, you are guaranteed to have all the photos your hotel marketing strategy needs to be successful. Even better: by adding high-quality photos you will increase traveller engagement on your property page by 138%. 


All the different kinds of rooms you offer should be photographed, even if they look similar. 

For each room type, aim for a variety of angles, totalling around 4 photos. Expedia’s research has found that properties with unique photos for each room type benefit of 11% higher conversion rates. So make sure to include views from corners, which capture the entire room. 

If there is anything unique or particular about the room (a work station, a special view of a terrace, for example), capture it. If the rooms include amenities such as coffee makers, minibars or safes, showcase them as well. 

The images should be in high resolution, but also clear and bright. Make sure surfaces are clean, beds are made and the room is bright, preferably with natural lighting coming in through the windows.


big bathroom
Bathroom view

Did you know that 60% of travellers think it is very important to see bathroom photos when booking? Be sure to cater to your audience and don’t forget to show the toilette or bathroom that each room has access to. Once again, it is important that the cleanliness of the space is clear through the photos. 

Be sure that the shower and mirrors are clean, toilet lids are closed and trash cans are empty. Do you offer hair dryers and complimentary toiletries? Include pictures of them.


Show the common spaces guests can enjoy, such as the lobby, restaurant, pool, bar and game rooms. 

Do you offer additional facilities or services? Showcase meeting rooms, luggage storage and parking garages, for example.

Platforms like Tripadvisor and Booking.com have examined their data and shown us that photos increase in 225% traveller’s likelihood of a booking inquiry. By going the extra mile and not being restricted to room photos, you appeal to travellers who are looking for a complete experience! 

Hotel location

Give a sense of where your hotel is located

Include photos of the building and entrance, and perhaps even the street where the hotel is located. This helps your guests find your establishment when first arriving, as well as the ambience nearby.

You can even make use of the interactive Street View feature available in Virtual Tours, the next topic we’ll discuss!

360 Virtual Tours

360 virtual tour of a room
360 Virtual Tours

Take your hotel listing to the next level and rise above the competition by including interactive 360 Virtual Tours.

These features allow the guests to explore the different rooms and facilities in your hotel as if they were already there, offering them an authentic and immersive experience. You can also add pre-recorded video tours, guaranteeing that guests will not miss the best features of your hotel.

Data from Radisson Hotels shows that hotels with a virtual tour achieved 135% increase in online revenue, achieving a return on investment (per hotel) in less than 4 weeks! Our qualified 360 Virtual Tour photographers will help you drive engagement and conversion rates through the roof, resulting in more bookings to your establishment.

Things to remember before the shoot

Whenever possible, prioritize landscape photos. They are accepted in most websites where you can list your rooms, and they’ll work well in your own website.

Your guests want to see high-resolution images, so aim for at least 2048 × 1080 pixels. This is a simple way to make sure you get conversions, as a study has shown that adding images with higher resolution can increase booking by 136%. Don’t include blurry or pixilated photos and avoid over-editing the images. Underexposed and overexposed photos, stretched or distorted images and watermarks shouldn’t be included. 

Avoid people in the photos, including in reflections in the mirrors and windows. 

hotel room with white bed

Now, you are on your way to creating amazing eye-catching photos for your hotel. The best way to make sure your photos will be high quality, consistent and quickly available to you is to let Klaud9 help! We source the best local property photographers within 24 hours, making it hassle-free for you. 

Check our on-demand photoshoot packages or contact us for a custom shoot.

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