What to look out for when hiring a photographer

I’m sure you have had many questions during your search to hire a photographer that would fit your needs. Which photographer would be a better fit for you? Which of them can truly answer your needs? Even while thinking that, you need to take into account your budget when choosing a photographer. Some price their services higher than others!

girl taking a picture
Photo by Hafiz

When hiring a photographer, we must first think of what their skill set entails. What type of style do they specialize in? What is the difference between the photos they take, compared to others? There is no better nor worse between the different photographers, but what is that difference that draws you to them? Is it the way they compose? Is it how their photographs always look very warm and touching? Or cool and refreshing?

Each photographer presents to you a uniqueness that makes their photos theirs, find out which of them pleases your eye the most! And while you’re doing that, examine their portfolio! Look at works they have done that are similar to the photoshoot that you are looking for, ensure that you can get what you want from this photographer.

In case you do spot a photographer that appeals to you, make sure that he understands your needs.

Speaking of photographs, you should also discuss your rights to the photographs, and how many will you be receiving? Will you receive final edited photos? What about the rest of the photographs? Are they yours? Or are they the photographers’? There tend to be a lot of questions prior to the photo shoot. Make sure you are happy with the usage rights that the photographer offers to you. 

Editor looking through photos on digital tablet, view from above
Photo by Dragonimages

What do you need to know about editing? There is a basic colour contrast and there is DI which requires more editing time of the photographer and tends to be charged separately. 

Lots of questions right?  Klaud9 takes that pain away by matching you with the right professional photographer offering worldwide, perpetuity and all media usage rights. 

You can book with 1 click the right photographer without having to contact multiple photographers, compare portfolios and rates when you simply don’t have time. While you focus on your business we source professional photographers for you.

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