Where Can I Learn Photography Online?

With the increasing quality and usage of camera phones, photography has become an addiction to many. Even if you’re not a professional, you will face some level of pressure to create better images, as you share them on social media for all to see. Free online photography courses can help you to achieve any photography goal. But what’s the best way to learn photography online?

Whether you’re in search of information on how to maintain a hobby or you’re looking at bettering your professional skills as a photographer, free online photography courses can give you the same quality courses you would find at some of the most prestigious universities in Singapore and abroad.

The good news is, these days we’re not required to waste precious years tucked away in an educational institution while the real market demands shift, to kick our photography skills up a notch,. No. Instead, learn photography online for free with this quick guide we put together.


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Free online photography courses are easy to come by. But good ones aren’t.

If you’re a beginner, you may learn photography online by paying attention to sites online that offer video lectures carried out by actual professors, such as theIntroduction to Photography and Related Mediaseries made public by MIT.

The lectures help beginners learn photography online through lectures that cover all the fundamentals of analogue and digital photography. Helping the student learn the basics of studio lighting, film exposure, development, and even darkroom techniques.

But if you have a specific type of camera equipment, there are other free online photography courses that will help you to be good photographers like the Udemy Beginner Nikon Digital SLR (DSLR) Photography course. Through this specialized course, photography lovers will have the opportunity to understand and make use of all the buttons and dials of their Nikon SLR cameras. Through brand-specific courses, individuals may be able to learn photography online simply by focusing on the equipment first.

For those looking for free online photography courses that are as inclusive and universal as possible, Reddit editors were able to put together a series of classes giving users access to some of the best classes available online. Isn’t that neat?



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For photographers who are already quite familiar with photography, looking for free online photography courses may be a blessing.

First, the photographer hoping to up their game must find out which type of technique they are after. Are they hoping to learn how to use light meters? Or are they simply hoping to be better night photographers?

You may learn photography online via courses likeGetting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5,” which will teach you how to use the Lightroom software effectively. In this series of courses, users will learn how to import images and add special effects.

But if you own the Photoshop software as well as Lightroom, you may learn more through free online photography courses like the “Photoshop & Lightroom for Photographers” series.

Learning how to use a handheld light meter? Refer to free online photography courses like “Using a Photographic Light Meter,” or create a photography website to promote your new work with the help of the “Create a Gorgeous Photography Site with SmugMug in 90 mins” course.

For photographers who are always concerned about how they can use their camera to take better night photos, courses like “Pixels After Dark: Shooting the Night” is just what the doctor ordered!

To those who want more than just to learn photography online, photographers may go to the Phlearn website where the user will have access to videos on everything Photoshop. From how to watermark your images to removing age-related lines from photography subjects.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in the photography world, free online photography courses are worth millions, and yet, few individuals make use of these excellent resourcesavailable entirely for free.

To learn through some of the best and most extensive courses online, try the Digital Photography School where you have access to videos filled with photography tips, articles, and other forms of media.

The site even has a page specialized for beginners who want to learn photography online.

Photography Artists


Photo credit : The Artist – EdsonR – Klaud9

To photographers who want to find free photography online courses that teach them how photography stands as art, there are several great options.

The Anthropology department of MIT has one online course that helps users to learn photography online by understanding how photography has been used as a medium of expression ever since the technique was invented, helping to shape culture and politics. To learn more, visit Photography and Truth.

Another source of free photography online courses is MIT’s Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion. In this course, photographers who already possess some experience have access to the work of a series of documentary photographers and photojournalists, honing their photographic skills in the field of photojournalism.

So what are you waiting for? If you do not want to spend a dime on your photographic education, this is your go-to source for online tools. So make use of it!

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