You Don’t Want to Miss These 2017 Graphic Design Trends


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To graphic designers everywhere in Asia, 2017 design trends may deceptively look very similar to what has already been going on in 2016.

Many of the design trends that became staples in 2016 have spilled over into 2017, making the 2017 graphic design trends seem like a repeat of what happened in the recent past. But only on the surface.

This handy guide will give you an idea of what to expect — and how to embrace — the 2017 design trends without feeling left behind.

In 2017, Design Trends Exalt the Past

Popular staples of yesteryear may seem new to the untrained eye. But not to those paying attention. In 2017, graphic design trends looking at the past for inspiration continue.

Take for instance the modern-retro craze that took over 2016. Throughout the year, Singapore’s top graphic designers embraced the retro color pallet and typefaces that made the beginning of the marketing era so remarkable. With the embrace of the modern-retro, 2017 design trends will look just like 2016’s, boosting businesses and giving the public an idea that the business embracing the look is just as approachable and warm as the design seems to suggest. Unless, of course, your business has a different message.

And that’s where the past’s reverence to the origins of cinema may continue to make its mark in 2017. Graphic design trends embracing slightly moving still photographs promise to remain a “thing,” especially if your marketing strategy involves heavy social media interaction.

Is Your Logo Truly Responsive?

responsive-logoSingapore’s top graphic designers understand that the modern-day consumer responds well to functional patterns. Because the modern individual has no time to waste on busy, complicated design. 

For the consumer who’s deep into The Internet Age, 2017 design trends seem a lot like a call for more simplistic designs, which in turn will make 2017 graphic design trends seem even more relevant than 2016’s in the long run.

With consumers turning to their smartphones for everything, from tech consumption to photography, responsive logos will stand out, simply because they respond to their environment while being easy on the eye. If 2017 graphic design trends sound a lot like a smart approach to design, it’s because they are.


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But what else does this tendency toward a clean, more responsive look remind you of? If you guessed minimalism, you guessed right.

Just like in 2016, 2017 design trends will continue to look at minimalism for inspiration.

With the explosion of brands such as Apple, a slick design that is also functional and discreet will continue to rule throughout the new year. But the minimalist  2017 graphic design trend taking place is not about snobbishness. Instead, it’s about simplicity. “Less is more,”  2017 design trends seem to scream. Adding white spaces intentionally to the space being used for marketing, allowing the 2017 graphic design trends create more “ breathability.”

Along with minimalism, 2017 design trends will continue to embrace what many simply call the “hand-drawn” look. Like minimalism, these illustrations are simple, easy on the eye, and approachable. But what’s best is how versatile it is, making 2017 graphic design trends seem like a salute to simplicity.

Bold Photography


Image credit : Coffee Cup on Green Leaves Background Flat Lay – Andrey Eremenko – Klaud9

But what about photography? Will the minimalist and simple approach to graphic design trends in 2017 make way for bold photography? The answer is: of course!

With 2016’s embrace of a mix of bold images and sleek text, 2017’s design trends will always return to the true staple of graphic design: bold imagery.

With a mix of colourful photography that can almost make us feel part of the scene, 2017 graphic design trends will continue to err on the side of what consumers respond better to: photography. Simply because images captivate the viewer. Having the power to make — or break — their mood. With the focus on making a great deal of information available to the consumer in a quick and easy fashion, 2017’s design trends will probably continue to use photography as a way to convey meaning without having to inform the consumer with too much text.

Without saying much, photography has the power to either scream or whisper an idea. And if designers are smart in 2017, design trends will continue to embrace this staple, making the marriage of photography and minimalist text their go-to style.

Instead of waiting on how the public will respond to these already well-established trends, how about hitting the ground running by following what experts have already been doing? After all, we haven’t become experts just out of chance. We’ve applied these techniques over the years, seeing how well consumers respond to them. And in 2017, graphic design trends seem to be following in last year’s footsteps. Especially in Asia and throughout urban, modern hubs across the globe.

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